New Company Announces The New Age Of Orthopedic Therapy

Princeton, NJ – Following a slipped disc at the age of 26, Chris Hanemann, founder of Cush Comfort, felt that he was living the life of a 95 year old man. Because his orthopedic doctor had him trying just about every weird and crazy product on the market, he really got to know the physical therapy market. Armed with his degree in Physics and a desire for products that would actually make a difference and that people weren’t going to be embarrassed about using, Hanemann cashed in his savings (and much more besides) to fund the start of his new business. Recently, Hanemann announced that his company was initiating a blog on their website,

His mission was simple: to serve the 75% of Americans over the age of 25 who suffer from back pain, by giving them solutions that not only work, but aren’t an embarrassment to use. And thus, Cush Comfort was born. The company is tailor made to provide customers with foam seat cushions that relieve pain, but are so stylish and versatile, no one will be able to tell that they aren’t just normal throw pillows or seat cushions. Cush Comfort also makes their foam pillows in various forms for every need; like regular seat cushions, bike seats, car cushions, and patio furniture cushions. offers an array of advice and guidance on back pain relief and home treatments that actually work, all available through their blog. Within the blog, customers will find everything from tips for maintaining proper posture, to a DIY for making your own seat cushions. Hanemann has integrated the blog seamlessly into his business because he recognizes that it can be a helpful tool, not just for those purchasing his products, but for anyone who suffers from chronic back pain, be it from improper posture or a degenerative condition such as a compressed or ruptured disc. Cush Comfort was imagined and created in order to help those suffering from back pain and in desperate need of a solution that really works, and the new blog only extends their services.

“I want to use my experience with spinal injury to not only build a great company, but to serve and help as many people as possible,” claims Chris Hanemann himself, founder of “A lot of people don’t realize that sitting for large portions of the day can be extremely detrimental to your health, especially if you aren’t using the correct posture. The biggest problem with back pain is that people tend to ignore it and just get on with their lives, which is just about the worst thing for you to do. I believe that the first thing you should do to relieve yourself of back pain permanently is to educate yourself. If you know the reason for your problem, it’s easier to find solutions that work for you.”

Cush Comfort provides those suffering from back pain-be it a chronic issue stemming from poor posture or compressed discs a finite issue like a pinched nerve, or just lifting something too heavy-the solutions they need to relieve their pain, starting with information. After being educated on things that may be causing their back pain, customers can better decide which products may work best to help remove that pain for good, including of course the unique cushion options offered by Cush Comfort. Thanks to his website and the addition of his new informative blog, Chris Hanemann is well on his way to achieving his goal of helping people say goodbye to their back pain.

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