Zaaki Restaurant and Hookah Bar of Falls church, VA and Washington, DC – Invites all of you to our 2016 Ramadan Iftar Buffet

Zaaki Restaurant and Hookah Bar will present to you the finest of all Middle Eastern Cuisine in the DC metropolitan region. Our Goal this year is to exceed all of your expectations with the rollout and finalizing of our interior and exterior renovations. Zaaki Restaurant and Hookah Bar will be serving you 26 dishes of Middle Eastern Food that include your favorite Kabob, Lamb chops, Biryani, Shish Kabob, Lamb shank, Pasta, Skewers, Maklube, Kabsa, Platters, Sea food, Salad, and Desserts. On the Drink side we will be serving organic fresh juices, many types of tea in addition to Turkish coffee, Arabian coffee, American coffee and so much more.

Zaaki has significantly updated its exterior and interior space to accommodate all our guests this Ramadan 2016. We have added a Family-Women only section so that women can feel more comfortable and remain where their kids can play without being in the presence of Hookah and a Busy environment. We have also added a prayer section with its own cleansing “wudu” section so that people can cleanse and pray as they sit and enjoy their time with their friends and family. We have also designated a NO smoking interior section to accommodate families who don’t want to sit next to people who are smoking outside.  Our outdoor space now features 3 open spaces and one VIP section for celebrity guests.

“This Ramadan will be a truly great experience for all our friends, family and guests. We have really done our best to give back to our community by ensuring the most convenient and spiritual time spent within Zaaki. We did this by renovating and expanding our foot print to include a woman only section and a prayer area. All to show our customers we care,” said Khaled Eltayeb, Owner of Zaaki. “There is nothing more important than making sure everything has a place and time. We don’t want anyone to choose between friends and prayer so we decided to add a prayer section.”

Zaaki Restaurant and Hookah Bar to showcase its new renovations this Ramadan 2016

Zaaki management has spent a great deal of the past 6 months preparing the store for this Holy month of Ramadan. We did this in stages and completed the “Funk interior design” renovation before moving to the exterior and expanding our space to accommodate more people. We also introduced a Glass enclosure aspect to all our exterior space to make sure that the people are protected from the elements yet are able to enjoy the outsides when they wish to by rolling over the window and still enjoy the natural light. We have also added a great deal of insect repellant trees to enhance the aesthetic mood of our outdoor patio. When asking Mohamad Eltayeb (Asset Manager of Zaaki) about the work done so far he remarked “We have spent the past 6 months upgrading the entire space. Working 15 hours a day with 2 different crew shifts has taken its toll on us but I believe our Customers deserve the best”. Hani the Day time store manager remarked, “This Summer will truly be a great time and great environment in our Cafe thanks to this great effort.”

Zaaki Restaurant and Hookah Bar – Middle eastern Cuisine and Cultural venue

Zaaki Middle Eastern Restaurant and Cafe is located in the Washington, DC metro region of Fairfax county, Arlington County and Alexandria city of Virginia. We specialize in Mediterranean food and we only serve Halal food and beverages. Our entertainment branch (Zaaki Entertainment) hosts many cultural and musical events in Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland. Zaaki Restaurant and Hookah Bar is located at 6020 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, Virginia.

For more information about the menu, services, and Ramadan 2016 Iftar Buffer; please visit: or email us at

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