Tiandao International Education Group Releasing 2016 Report on the Admission Data of China’s Oversea Studying

According to the statistics released on the World Journal, more than 77 percent of all the international students around the globe come from Asia, and China has the largest number of students studying abroad.

On May 28th, 2016 in Beijing, Tiandao International Education Group, a prestigious brand for international education in China, released its latest White Book on Chinese Students’ Application and Admission to American Higher Education, which was based on data analysis of over 20,000 real cases among Chinese students.

(Release Presentation of 2016 White Book)

Mr. Andy Xiao, Managing Director of oversea studying at Tiandao International Education Group, presented the White Book in person. The White Book, comprised of two parts – the undergraduate part and the graduate part, is highly instructive to those who aim to apply for higher education in the United States. Taking business majors, most popular ones among Chinese students, as an example, the Book has gathered such key information as the number of admitted students, class profile, placement, and salary after graduation.

The official statistics can best demonstrate to readers what qualities are valued most by the top-ranking universities and colleges. Therefore, it not only provides analysis of popular majors and programs from professional perspectives, but also offers helpful advice for job-hunting and career planning. Besides, the White Book also predicts the application trends in 2017.

(Release Presentation of 2016 White Book)

Since the data on the White Book is quite precious, the Book, with a limited quantity of 200, is only available to those who attended the Release Presentation. Mr. Andy Xiao emphasizes, that many Chinese parents have broadened their horizon to educational opportunities all around the globe. It is the obligation of Tiandao Education to take every piece of the data with prudence and ultimately to help more and more promising Chinese students obtain optimal education in foreign countries.

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