Fusible Interlining Manufacturer Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Aiming at Increasing Export to North America

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Limited, or STK-Interlining, exported only 10% of its products to North America during previous fiscal year. The company is trying to capture a larger portion of North American market.

Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Limited, a top Chinese manufacturer of apparel accessories also dubbed as STK-Interlining, recently announced that their sales activities in North American countries have been intensified so as to capture a larger portion of the North American market. Despite expressing satisfaction over the steep growth of overall trade capacity in the previous fiscal year, the owners maintained that North American is still largely untapped for them. The owners are now bent on making their market penetration deeper in North America.

According to the owners, in the previous fiscal year, export reached 30%-40% of their total trading capacity. However, North America was not even in the top five export zones during the same fiscal year. They revealed that North America only accounts for 10% of total export. They also added that Eastern Europe was the biggest export market for fusible interlining in the previous fiscal year.

“We have less than 10 people in our trading department now, though our sales representatives in North America have been doing a fantastic job. We now want to increase investment in sales and marketing activities in this region and also want to recruit experienced professionals in our trading and sales departments,” said the regional marketing head of North America on behalf of the interlining manufacturing company. He also indicated that the company would conduct an overall market study for the current fiscal year to assess the precise needs of the North American market.

“It is not true that the region has low demand for quality interlining products. There is no denying the fact that North America still remains a largely untapped market for us. We need to take our promotional activities to countries like Mexico and Canada. It is true that we have performed well in the United States of America in terms of sales and export, but we need to look beyond the USA to increase export in that region,” commented the CEO of Suzhou Zhonghe Apparel Accessories Co., Limited during a recent press conference.

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