The Orchid Twister Now Designed at the Request of an “Art of Life” Project in Indiegogo

The Orchid Twister has now been designed at the request of an “Art of Life” project in Indiegogo that is useful out in the interior of most homes.

The aim of Francois Hannes, the lover of good burgundian lifestyle and the creator of the project, is to increase the awareness of people about the masterpiece.

Specially designed for orchids, this exclusive and new interior accessory is known to serve its various purposes. This can be flexibly used and can place five pots. This is available in five various colors and looks different for that unique and perfect atmosphere.

Such an eye catcher in the interior design, it measures 103 centimeters high and 60 centimeters wide with pot size of 12 cm and weight of 8 kilograms. Only the finest materials have been used and crafted by hand like the Belgian Bluestone, French Oak and Stainless steel.

The choices of color can range from smoked stain, white gloss, natural stain, piano black gloss and champagne/bronze satin. This also fits to any kind of space and this ensures that the orchids can be placed down at home in a rather unique and special way.

Francois Hannes introduced his masterpiece wherein five Orchid Twisters had formed the basis. It now became the most modern accessory available in five colors that can be personalized in a unique and creative way. Lots of combinations can be made possible due to its adjustable form along with orchids, accessories and pots.

With retailers and consumers informed and inspired because of the applications and versatility of the orchids, the campaign for the Art of Life featuring the pot Orchid can keep them inspired and fulfilled. As per the central message of the accessory, it seeks to promote orchids and make them an easy way special.

Just as orchid is one of the most known plants to find in different countries, it also kept inspiring a lot of people, and even various designers. For example, the design world and the fashion world are amused of orchid with many special designs introduced. It also became an inspiration for many shoes, hats, dresses and interior designs.

Jan Taminiau, a famous designer, was fascinated of the fashionable sophistication and the correct shape of orchids. Since he had a great love for antique materials and conventional production techniques, he followed the colors of the orchids, their tones and their vein like structures.

Even Philip Treacy, a top hat designer, had designed the Orchid in ultimate elegance and beauty. Jan Jansen was also fascinated by the Orchid and designed a shoe by this elegant flower. He simply emphasized Orchids that take people to another world.

Francois Hannes is also driven and is passionate by beauty and loves orchids. He also loves the tranquility of nature and landscape and the dynamics of a metropole that inspire him the most. There are no compromises but only extremes that he strives for. As per these elements, these have been all presented in his work such as in the Orchid Twister.

Prior to his designs, these are serene, well-balanced and exactly flow in a simple and natural way. His designs have incorporated all daring and exciting details to ensure that all interiors stay interesting and intriguing as well.

His style in design received much critical acclaims in a growing audience, both international and national. Among his designs, as mentioned, is the Orchid Twister now designed at the request of an “Art of Life” project in Indiegogo.

In this project, his no-nonsense attitude and creativity have made it all a success. His constructural knowledge and drive made him a designer on top of the others. In addition to the impressive details of the Orchid Twister is that it suits all room types. It also ensures that orchids are given with a special space indoors.

Since people have one or more orchids at home, the accessory can help make them stand out inside. This one-off creation can be admired and can be arranged depending on a room. For that creative and personalized fashion, it can be adjusted in its range of pots and shapes.

It is expected that the Art of Life campaign that requests the Orchid Twister design will inspire and inform more consumers about the versatility of the orchid. They will realize that orchids deserve a better and more special place at home as exotic beauties that must be admired. With their different patterns, colors and floral shapes, orchids can create a unique ambience in the interior part of most homes.

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