New Generation of Defibrillateurs (with CPR help), distributed by, May Save More Life Than Other Defibrillators in the Market

French site is proud to offer the most adapted Defibrillateurs to be used by people who are non trained to first-aid, when they are the witness of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The new generation of défibrillateurs with CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) help is being proposed by defibril. These new devices may be considered as benefiting from the highest quality in manufacturing. They provide an outstanding ability to save life when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs, thanks to their easy way of use by people who are non trained to first-aid rescue.

Sudden cardiac arrest that can lead to death is said to be responsible for around 50,000 deaths every year in France only, ventricular fibrillation being the most common cause of such sudden deaths.

With the help of heart fibrillation, it is now possible to bring back the normal rhythm through the delivery of an instantaneous electrical “shock” (current of several thousand volts). This shock allows to correctly reset the electrical signals which travel the heart cells, reestablishing the original cardiac synchronization.

The shock is being delivered through using a device which can generate electric current, namely an automated external defibrillator or AED. Two electrodes are placed on the victim’s chest, in areas which facilitate the applied electric current to reach the cardiac cells. The treatment with the help of defibrillation is meant to jump start the heart once it has stopped beating.

The défibrillateurs with CPR help are in the world the devices the most likely to save life in the most critical conditions that is a sudden cardiac arrest occurring out of the hospital. The defibrillators that are being offered at are all carefully selected to meet the highest criteria of quality, safety and performance, according to the industry’s standards and first-aid professionals recommendations.

Defibril is known for being a highly reliable distributor, registered by the French National Agency of Health Products Safety (ANSM). Matecir Defibril is proposing only models from brands associated to an extensive hospital history and that are approved by the FDA. Matecir Defibril also pays high attention to costs, offering the most reliable AED at the best prices.

About Matecir Defibril:

Established in the year 2008, shortly after the publication of a law decree authorizing the use of AED by anyone (whereas the AED use was until this decree limited to first-aid professionals). Matecir Defibril has quickly become the leader in the public access to defibrillation, thanks to their expertise and know-how and their ability to create a widespread presence all over the country. The main goal of the company is to prevent sudden death in providing people with highest quality AEDs that can be easily used, effectively fighting against sudden cardiac arrest. In providing these innovations, the company hopes that more people will be able to take action when witnessing a victim of sudden cardiac arrest and that more lives will be saved in France.

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