Life coaching with a difference – meet Darren Christopher Rowland ( DCR )

Let’s be honest we all need a little help sometimes, things can get tough whether it’s personal issues, negative habits, limiting beliefs or hitting the glass ceiling at work, challenges surround us daily. In times of overwhelming anxiety, the path forward can be unclear and to turn to your friends and family is an option but as much as they have your best interests at heart, are they really qualified to give you legitimate unbiased advice to move forward? Probably not and this is where the life coaching industry is illuminated as being a very effective life hack for so many people.

With a plethora of different life coaches who have set up shop around London, your attempts to get support are sure to be stifled by analysis paralysis. Anyone willing to take your money and in exchange tell you how to live your life is bound to be qualified to do so right? Unfortunately looking for a qualified life advisor with your best interests at heart begins to feel far more like playing a game of minesweeper but there are a select few who really deserve your trust. Bottom line find a coach who’s the best fit for you, preferably one who is more interested in helping you realise your goals than emptying your bank account.

Darren  Christopher Rowland (Google+ Profile) is not your usual run of the mill life coach he has far more in common with motivational speakers such as the highly brilliant Tony Robbins than he does with wishy-washy “spiritual advisors” splurging to “live, laugh, love” things are rarely as simple to remedy as that and a more pragmatic approach to self-development is essential for anybody wishing to see sustained results.

As a life coach Darren Christopher Rowland (DCR) recognises the importance of financial strain in people’s lives as a key negative contributor, a common underlying issue for many of the emotional problems that challenge people in their hectic day to day lives. DCR beginning his career as a personal trainer coach in 1996 went on to make his first million in property development by 2008. His grasp of developing beneficial mental faculties is proven by the results he has achieved within his own life. Unlike so many so-called “gurus” who position themselves as top dogs in this industry, DCR is humbled by the first-hand experience of turning scarcity into abundance, having lived on a council estate during his adolescent years before developing an insurmountable appetite for self-development, his passion is now to help others make similar transformations.

DCR’s primary service is that of wealth attainment, working with on one side business clients who require executive coaching to pinpoint the limiting factors in their own success / leadership abilities. He also works with individuals from all walks of life who need an effective actionable plan to pull them out of the anxiety-ridden circle of debt that so any people find themselves trapped in.

DCR also provides a wide selection of services that treat specific personal issues, for example, those who are struggling with their self-confidence, specialized sessions are held to train the attributes needed to boost confidence and develop the self-image they desire.

London is full of ambitious people with many struggling to get their own small business up and running, this is one of the areas that DCR excels in, having built his own property portfolio worth millions from scratch. Mentorship is very likely one of the most overlooked investments one can make in their career and having the opportunity to learn from someone who has learnt the hard way is one of the best shortcuts any aspiring entrepreneurs can make.

With his dedication, Darren Christopher Rowland has gained recognition and respect inside the industry. He has mainly offered his expertise and services as a life coach both nationally and internationally,  he is now concentrating on the city of London to provide unparalleled life coaching services. He works with different people from all walks of life who are struggling to meet their goals, who are not happy with what they currently have and those who find it hard to move forward and achieve a high level of success in their career and personal lives. By offering value first and foremost he earns his client’s trust without emptying their wallets. An example of this is his free life coaching plan available on his official website for those who are looking for a simple yet effective strategic approach to greater success in their Health, Finances, Relationships & Emotions.

Darren Christopher Rowland can also be reached on the details below to discuss your requirements for life coaching.

Media Contact
Contact Person: Darren Christopher Rowland
Phone: 020 3393 1277
Address:3rd Floor, 207 Regent St
City: London
Country: United Kingdom