Johnson Consortium Announces Launch of MouseDrive

Johnson Consortium LLC is excited to announce the launch of MouseDriveThe MouseDrive combines the technology of the wireless mouse and wireless hard drive into one single device; it is the mind blowing device that turns the computer mouse into a wireless storage device.

Johnson Consortium LLC believes The MouseDrive, which is compatible with both Mac and PC, meets all of the users needs. It helps users by saving space, upgrading existing units or devices. The MouseDrive also helps users by providing a convenient all in one unit for two of the most essential aspects of any digital or online activity.

Ergonomic in design, sleek in appearance and innovative in concept, the MouseDrive is the future of computing. The company launched its crowdfunding campaign May 27, 2016 to raise funds for the final development and distribution of the MouseDrive on KICKSTARTER.  

For a limited time you can purchase your very own mouse for the Early Bird discounted rates as high as 30% off MSRP here:

Most regular computer mouse are fine – at first, but eventually they break, or get lost in a move. The Mousedrive is more than just a mouse it contains a hard drive, making it more substantial and more of an essential item, so it’s less likely to get left behind in a move and it is extremely robust giving it the longevity you expect and demand.

The MouseDrive team stresses: Backers’ generous funding will help get things finalized in order to realize the product. It will assist with the cost of further development, marketing and design. More importantly you get the chance to be one of the first users of the MouseDrive.

For further information or for specific questions please contact:

Eric D Johnson

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