Making Money from Marijuana without Touching the Stuff

The pot-of-gold at the end of a rainbow is now actually… POT itself!

ORMOND BEACH, FL – 01 June, 2016 – There’s a new Gold Rush happening that is gaining popularity as the “Green Rush” and every State tax assessor will soon be benefiting from their own local Legal Marijuana business sector producing millions in extra revenue like their predecessors in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Alaska, not to mention the other 23 States where Medical Marijuana is legalized. There is no doubt that the Medical States will become recreational in short order.

There are many ancillary businesses sprouting up that are making tons of money from Marijuana without ever touching the plant itself. One such budding industry is Weed Dealer Domains, providing Memorable and Brandable website Domain Names to up and coming Weed Entrepreneurs. is a new breed of “Dealer” offering industry-specific top level domain names for sale to those who are embarking on the Marijuana business or those that are already in it. Like land, they’re not making any more of it, so a Great Domain Name must be secured now because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

The huge profit potential of the Marijuana Industry is evident and Entrepreneurs venturing into it will need a Website Name worthy of their new endeavor. The bonus of grabbing a great domain name is that the name itself will become an asset.

The burgeoning Marijuana economy brings with it once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for those wise enough to act without hesitation. Because of its growing popularity and acceptance, legalization nationwide is imminent and investing in any Marijuana related business is going to look much like the last 20 years of the Tech industry and could actually surpass it.

“I’m proud to be one of the select dealers offering desirable domain names exclusive to the Marijuana Industry,” said Tim Papadeas, owner of “We have over 200 top level Marijuana domain names, all with the sought after .com extension”.

Papadeas added that “the Internet has redefined society as a culture of shared ideas and in that spirit, we are always entertaining the possibilities of alliances with like-minded individuals who display the passion and vision for the future of Pot”.  

About is based in Ormond Beach, Florida and also offers marketing and consulting services, graphic arts, website design and hosting.

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