Remedy Pain Solutions Offering Non-Surgical Treatment for ‘Text Claw’ Among Other Muscle and Joint Conditions

Southern California’s Remedy Pain Solutions Now Offers Treatment for Text Claw, an Increasingly Common, Painful Issue Similar to Tendonitis and Caused by Tech Device Overuse.

The staff at Remedy Pain Solutions continues its work using non-surgical methods to treat muscle and joint issues with a new treatment for Text Claw, or pain in the wrist and hands resulting from continuous use of technology devices.

Text Claw has not received a medical diagnosis yet; however, the pain it causes is very real. Pangs in the hands and wrists due to constant typing, texting, and web browsing make even menial tasks challenging to complete, with the problem sometimes resulting in tendonitis. The latter condition causes wrist pain, numbness, aching, and a decrease in strength. Text Claw is not grouped with carpal tunnel syndrome as of yet; however, inflammation from tendonitis does result in carpal tunnel.

Remedy Pain Solutions is dedicated to using natural, non-invasive means of treating a wide variety of muscle, nerve, and joint conditions, and offers an array of services including stem cell therapy treatment, trigger point injections, joint injections, spinal cord stimulation, Botox for migraines, and occipital nerve block, among others. Common conditions treated through Remedy Pain Solutions include myofascial pain, sciatica, degenerative disc disease, phantom limb pain, and spinal stenosis.

The Southern California facility has added Text Claw treatment to its service list, and always offers suggestions for alleviating this debilitating pain. These include wearing wrist braces, taking breaks from using laptops or related technology, icing the affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes twice daily, performing wrist stretches, and taking anti-inflammatory medication.

The team at Remedy Pain Solutions advises anyone suffering from severe Text Claw to visit the Santa Monica or Marina Del Rey office and enjoy comprehensive treatment before the condition worsens.

Appointments may be scheduled through the official Remedy Pain Solutions website or by calling (310) 482-6906.

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