Global Investigations Jack Roberts Interviewed By Vice

Online magazine ‘Vice’ recently interviewed Global Investigations private investigator, Jack Roberts. His job is to expose affairs. These affairs range from extramarital affairs, to Russian businessmen who are paying to ‘keep’ escorts. With sites like Ashley Madison, especially made for people who want to start an affair, private investigation services are becoming more and more popular. Affairs don’t always happen by accident. Many people enter into them fully aware of what they are doing and who they could be hurting. The job of exposing these kinds of people isn’t for everybody, but Jack Roberts is one investigator who is really good at it.

In the interview, he reveals all kinds of things about his job, motivations for doing it, and the industry. Jack tells readers why he became an investigator. He reveals how it all started, and what he regularly finds on the cases he takes on. The cases he takes on range from full on double lives to discovering intimacy with another person. Some affairs can go on for years without any suspicion arising. This will be a shock for many clients, but Jack reveals how he handles giving bad news when a cheater has been exposed.

The interview reveals just how far Jack and other investigators will go to the get the information they need, sometimes following people all over the world, to shady hotels, and on public transport. Of course sometimes, Jack says it isn’t easy tracing certain people. He talks about one ex army guy who just disappeared one day – although he was found eventually.

Global Investigations are a private detective agency that have been helping people since 1994. They have a number of highly skilled investigators, offering a fast service with a friendly approach. They have over 20 years experience, and are experts in gathering information. Multilingual operatives can even investigate a person for you in as little as 6 hours. There are a number of client testimonials on the site to give you social proof and an idea of what to expect from them and their service. Based in Kingston, Greater London, the services offered include:

• Background checks.

• Tracing.

• Covert surveillance.

• Bug sweeping.

• Tracking services.

• Fraud and legal.

Global Investigations have an 89% success rate when it comes to tracing people. If you visit the site, you can fill in a contact form and start solving your problem immediately. Global Investigations, with investigators like Jack, can ‘help clients to see behind those lies so they can have peace of mind and move forward’.

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