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California, USA – Dogs and cats do the darndest things – like swallowing barbecue skewers, eating more than 3 feet of packaging tape, or thinking they can take on a rattlesnake.

While you can’t always prevent pet accidents and illnesses, you can always make sure you have an affordable way to cover their treatment by heading to The most basic policies can start as low as around $10 per month. is a unique site launched for pet parents by pet parents, founded by one parent who first discovered the high value of pet insurance when he adopted two English bulldogs, a breed known for sky-high vet bills.

He was going crazy searching the Internet for a single website that gave him all the pet insurance info he needed, but it simply didn’t exist. So he gathered up a team and created one himself. serves up:     

• Unbiased pet insurance reviews of the Top 6 Pet Insurance Plans for 2016

• A handy Pet Insurance Comparison Chart listing the good, the better and the best features of the top plans

• 5 Things to Know about Dog InsuranceCat Insurance and essential pet insurance FAQs  

• Health information on different dog breeds, cat breeds and a blog stocked with articles designed to help you best care for your pets.

• Peace of mind you’ll be able to pay for the unexpected costs of accidents or illnesses.  

Now About that Barbecue Skewer

The dog that swallowed the barbecue skewer was for real. He’s a boxer named Curtis, and he happened to be the winner of the most recent Hambone Award, an annual honor given by Nationwide Pet Insurance for the most unusual claim of the year.

Curtis required surgery to remove the skewer as well as the massive ball of scar tissue that had built up around it during the year it had seemingly disappeared in his body.

While the exact cost of Curtis’s claim was not immediately available, surgery to remove a foreign object costs anywhere from $3,000 and up. It was covered by pet insurance.

Pet insurance also covered:

The medication and laxatives required for Charm the Persian cat after he ate the 3 feet of packaging tape

The treatment required for Rocky the dachshund after suffering multiple deadly rattlesnake bites while protecting his younger siblings

Don’t Leave Your Pet’s Life to Chance

While you never know what type of injuries or illnesses may affect your pet, you can be fairly certain your pet may need costly treatment somewhere down the line. helps you make the most informed and educated decision on pet insurance, arming you with the resources and knowledge you need to best protect your pet.

Head to today to help ensure many happy, healthy (and affordable) tomorrows.

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