Musical artist Moarn releases his new album \”Zero\”, a creative explosion of rhythm and sound

Musical artist Moarn has released his new album Zero, a creative explosion of soft rhythms and suggestive sound. Over the course of 37 minutes and eight tracks, the listener is taken on a dreamy and mysterious trip through urban settings and exotic climates. 

Languid dance tunes, where lost souls are chilling out on the after-hour dance floor (I Need You), can easily transition into film noir settings, where dark characters wander through half-obscure detective offices and hotel rooms, haunted by the seductive voice of a femme fatale (I’m Missing You).

This is music for driving at night in search of release, all the while coping with the dry realities of life (Under Control). But electronica can just as easily turn into a genuine blue ballad, with the full-blooded voice of the American South (I’ve Got Rhythm).

The breathers between such intense experiences are some classic lounge tunes (Magic, Epic Tune). While peaceful and relaxing, they are infused with an ambient sound that evokes a quiet melancholy. It is the feeling of international ennui, a feeling of late summer dusk seen from a terrace in a tropical setting (So Lovely).

The album ends on a surprisingly serious and local note. Going back to his roots, Moarn channels his beliefs into several emotional voices that send a message about the fiercely independent spirit of his home (Catalonia Is Not Spain).

Smoothly blending several electronic, downtempo and chillout genres, the author turns them into a new experience, letting his artistic voice shine through. The musical offering is enriched by the intimate voices of young music artists: D’Layna for I’ve Got Rhythm, Aiva for I’m Missing You and I Need You, and Cristina Soto for So Lovely.

This eight-track album reveals the stunning range of Moarn’s abilities. His sophisticated musical culture is a continuation of turn-of-the-century masterpieces, echoing with the rich tradition of English trip hop (Portishead, Massive Attack, Tricky) and Viennese downtempo wizards (Tosca, dZihan & Kamien).

The cover, designed by Pere Celma, displays “The King is Dead”, an artwork from the Modern Tribal Series by the artist Setxu Xirau Roig. The primal colors of red and black are deep and minimalist at the same time. They fuse in a tribal memento mori, a mix of the wild Amazon jungle and the branded reality of our culture. It is both powerful and ironic, quite in tune with the feel of the album.

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