Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones With Noise Cancelling Technology Launched On Amazon

B-SONIC Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones – 4.1 Bluetooth & Noise Cancelling Technology – Deep Bass & Sound Clarity – Compatible with iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S7 – Comfortable In-Ear Earbuds

Amazon, the largest online shopping network is pleased to announce in conjunction with B-Sonic, that they have added a new product to their shopping platform. The new product under the Bluetooth Headsets section is the popular B-Sonic Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones.

The B-Sonic Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones (, uses the latest noise-cancelling technology to provide the user with the highest quality sound at the correct decibel level. With the National Institute on Deafness reporting that twenty-six million Americans aged between 20 and 69 have high frequency hearing loss due to the chronic exposure of loud noise at the wrong decibel level (above 90 decibels), this technology is important to protect people’s hearing.

The Bluetooth sport headphones, which are currently on special offer of $36.59 with free delivery on orders over $49, have become a huge hit on Amazon. The B-Sonic headphones that use Bluetooth technology to allow people to listen to music on their mobile devices including iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S7 and other devices, uses 4.1 Bluetooth technology to pair smartphones and mobile devices faster and with stronger connections to ensure clear playback and seamless music listening. With the latest Bluetooth technology it also reduces the drain on the battery of the mobile device when listening to music.

A spokesman for B-Sonic said: “The new sport Bluetooth wireless headphones provide people with better sound and uses the latest designs to provide people with headphones that are comfortable to wear.”

The Bluetooth Headphones not only allow people to listen to quality music and to take phone calls, it also provides an easy solution to taking selfie photos. To take selfie photos through the headphones all the user needs to do is to connect their phone with the headphone via Bluetooth, open the camera and press once on the power button of the headphones. It allows people to use their headphones as a remote control for taking those magic moments.

Product details:

• IMPROVED BLUETOOTH CONNECTIVITY: B-SONIC uses 4.1 Bluetooth technology to pair your smartphones and mobile devices faster and with stronger connections to ensure clear playback and seamless music listening.

• PREMIUM HI-FI SOUND: These in-ear earbuds offer extra bass and crisp treble to perfectly match all your favorite tunes. From music to audiobooks to NPR radio, the B-SONIC headset offers the very best clarity.

• COMFORT FIT DESIGN: While most headphones can hurt your ears after a while, B-SONIC carefully slide into your ear canal to provide smooth listening for all five straight hours of listening and talk time.

• FILTER OUT THE NOISE: While traditional headphones can allow your music to be drowned out from ambient sound around you, in-ear Bluetooth headphones block out distracting noises so you can enjoy easy listening.

• MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: B-SONIC is committed to providing you the very best Bluetooth wireless headphones possible, which is why every order is backed by a 100% money back guarantee for satisfaction.

Headphone Functions Include:

• Accept/Finish/Reject/Transfer Call
• Call Waiting and Re-Call
• Sound Off / Volume +/-
• Pre/Next Song
• Take Selfie Photos

B-Sonic offer a full money back guarantee to consumers, which shows their commitment to their product. With all the positive five star reviews on Amazon, it has become one of the most popular headphone products on the shopping network in 2016.

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B-Sonic provide quality products at affordable prices. The new Sport Bluetooth Wireless Headphones on Amazon has become a popular product.

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