Indie AAA 2D Action aventure platformer in a Greek mythological steampunk world

Ilios is a 2D HD action adventure game. Inspired by critically acclaimed hits like productions from Vanillaware (Dragon’s Crown or Muramasa), Platinum Games (Bayonetta, Metal Gear Rising), or classic console hits like Megaman or Castlevania, this team wants to create an adventure far with today’s videogames standards by offering intense story and hardcore gameplay.


Based on “The Iliad” and “The Odyssey” sung by Homer, the story of Ilios is an open interpretation beginning during the event known as The Sack of Troy.

While the city of Troy fall under the blitz of the Achaeans, the royal family loses its children one after another. The most famous, Hector, was defeated by Achilles in front of the gates of the city. And King Priam’s other 49 sons who fought with all their might fall under the blades of outnumbering enemies. The city of Troy burns in the flames of war. 

Secluded in the temple of Poseidon the last children of the royal line tries to resist. Polites, the last prince, stands between his beloved sisters and their invaders. He is mortally wounded and sees his sisters being captured. Feeling his strength declining he implores the god Poseidon to intervene, who never supported the Trojans during the war…

Sensing his life rushing back, Polites rises and discovers his new powers. Poseidon made him a demigod by offering Polites the Divine Vision, a power to switch between the human world and the divine world, and an ancient artifact replacing his mangled arm that allows him to shoot devastating rounds.

Play as Polites, the last survivor of the Trojan War. In his desire for revenge he wishes to eradicate everyone who destroyed the people he loved… Game of action and epic adventure, Ilios propels you into a mysterious and violent world where Polites will learn that the Gods are not what they claim to be.


Ilios: Betrayal of Gods is a game crossing over Beat’em all and Platformer, taking place in a world of Greek mythologystylized with Steampunk elements. A game that pays tribute to all our references as Bayonetta, Megaman, Castlevania and Saint Seiya!

Fight: The Divine Vision allows Polites to disappear and pass through complex combat situations. Moreover using the Divine Power at the right time he is able to counter his opponents’ strikes and trigger devastating counter-attacks. Combos and Specials Attacks will help Polites triumph over his foes.

Explore: With the Power of Poseidon, by pressing a single button, Polites goes into the Divine world to discover new paths and platform machines arranged by the god himself. Easing out our hero’s progress on his quest for revenge.

Improve by raising yourself against the Gods. Polites acquires their Divine Powers and enrich his attack set with dramatic effects. Fight with the Ares Spear! Crush your enemies with the Hammer of Hephaestus! And so on ! Each new weapon possesses its own Skill Tree.

Choose and take responsibility of your fate: Choose to spare the vanquished Gods or let yourself be carried away by your burning anger, finishing off your opponents. But remember: to kill a God is not without consequences for a mere mortal.

• Travel through 9 mythological levels, from the Aegea seas to the Lemnos volcano, over 50 characters to encounter, over 60 combos and super attacks to master, loads of achievements and more than 8 hours of adventure. All in Full HD 60fps.

To sum: 

• Hardcore and challenging combat gameplay
• Switch between 2 worlds: physical dimension and divine world by pressing one button
• Greek Mythology and Steampunk universe
• Story based on The Iliad and The Odyssey


Ilios, Betrayal of Gods is under development. We are currently completing the preproduction step. We decided to seek funding to continue development of the game in good conditions. We are 10 to work in Aurora Studio and we hope to bring even more resources in this project through our Kickstarter campaign, which begins May 17, 2016.

Based in Angoulême (France), Aurora Studio is a small independent team of old videogames’ lovers, Greek mythology, exciting stories and with a wild imagination !

We have mostly already proven ourselves in the middle of the videogame industry, but also in other fields such as animation, comics and children’s books.

More Information 

• Name: Ilios,  Betrayal of Gods
• Style: Action, adventure, beat them all
• Release date:  Last quarter 2017
• Supports: PC, Mac, XBox One, PlayStation 4
• Price: NA

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