Tourists to Orlando Amusement Parks To be careful about hidden fees this summer

Orlando amusement parks are no doubt fun this summer but the tourists have to be really smart to avoid the hidden fees at the parks and is the most frequented online guide on any information on these parks.

Orlando, FL – 1st June, 2016 – The scorching heat around calls for fun splashes in the weekends, leading all the way to Aquatica, Wet N Wild and other amusement parks in Orlando. The city is one of the most important tourist hubs in the country as summer approaches and with more and more tourists looking forward to know about the amusement parks here, Orlando amusement parks has come up as the most frequented guide online.

However, as per the sources, tourists should be careful about the hidden fees of the parks which can shoot to a whopping $600+ for one day at Disney World or Universal Studios. With summer being the best crowd-puller, the amusement park officials take to various ways to up the price tag knowing that tourists would anyhow pay for them to avoid missing out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But then, a few strategic steps and smart moves can save one from shelling out the whole pocket and that too without any compromise on the fun quotient.

“You have to be little smart to enjoy the amusement parks here without getting overboard with your budget. These cutting edge parks amaze with a versatile set of attractions but then again you always have your priorities and there are some attractions that you can always skip, leading to a good saving for you,” stated a leading spokesperson from

“For example, some parks have activities by caricature artists whose charge is not included in the basic entry fee and if you have to watch them you have to pay separately. Now ask yourself, do you actually want to catch the caricature show? If not, don’t head to the caricature artists & save yourself from the hidden fee. The basic entry fee would come something to a decent $20-$105 with its own share of amusement wonders for a delightful summer.”

Speaking further, he advised on purchasing tickets with meals included as snacks bought separately in the parks can spike up the bill higher.

Reputed as a one-stop guide on the Orlando theme parks, hosts information on every amusement park in city. The visitors would find detailed description on the overall park ambience with highlights on all the prime attractions in every park. A separate section has been dedicated for every park and the website has also offered contact details and information on opening & closing hours of the parks.

“We are like your absolute online portal whenever you wish to know anything about the amusement parks in Orlando, be it Disney World or Aquatica. Added to elaborate data on parks, we have even included information on cafes & restaurants at every park. You can call us your best ally whenever you are planning a trip to Universal Studios or SeaWorld or any famous amusement park in the city,” the spokesperson added in.

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