A Psychologist, Gregory Caremans Launches his New Campaign Project about his Online Course Content Entitled “Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire your Brain” with the Kickstarter

This campaign project about the online course content entitled “Neuroplasticity: How to Rewire your Brain” aims to be funded at least €3,000 pledged until June 12, 2016, Sunday at 4:54 PM AWST.

Gregory Caremans, a psychology master in communication and specialized in behavioral and neurocognitive approach, as well as a former Director in the Institute of Neurocognitivism in Brussels, launches his new campaign project entitled “Neuroplasticity:  How to Rewire your Brain” with the Kickstarter. He specialized in producing and writing high quality brain related contents that can effectively be taken advantage by most users. You can see his blogs at mybrainandi.com and his platform where he hosts his online bestseller courses at the website, brainacademy.online. You can personally get in touch with him on Udemy, the place where he teaches above 20,000 students. You will also have an overview of his best seller courses there and through his website.

This campaign projects about the online course content talks its cover about the thirty exercises that can help develop and promote your mental flexibility. It shows how to create some habits on how to improve various area of life that one want to upgrade, manifest how to change the existing, and toxic habits that people ended up being stuck with, and it will guide on how to effectively neutralize the emotional loads of painful memories, especially the negative one. This is an online course on how to develop your mental flexibility, change a habit, and alter the memories that are based in neuroscience research. This will truly help people who encounter several emotional downfalls and need to have an emotional repair with their mind. Furthermore, it is also very beneficial to most, who wanted to get away with stress by attacking the stressors.

With the help of Kickstarter, Gregory Caremans’ campaign project of promoting the online course content may be spread to the public. This campaign project about the online course content entitled “Neuroplasticity:  How to Rewire your Brain” aims to be funded at least €3,000 pledged until June 12, 2016, Sunday at 4:54 PM AWST. He decided to work with the Kickstarter to check on the initial interest of this project since big energy, money and time are invested to it. The proceeds can help the humanity pace a tiny step forward, as Gregory Caremans continue to develop and discover the things that can help the humanity promote a personal development and manage their emotional influence.

Gregory Caremans’ project campaign and courses can furthermore help everyone cope with the mental stability. In fact, more and more students are engaging on the courses he offered, for he can make a complex issue is accessible to all that is why there is no reason for everyone not to conjunct with the current issue he raise. Everyone can relate with the use of comprehensive language and integration of witty humorous remarks he did in the lecture. In fact he is called as the teacher of “edutainment”. In addition, Gregory Caremans is bringing up the content in a way that everyone can easily use and apply in their daily lives.

Everyone can have an access to the courses Gregory Caremans offered. You can stay connected with both platforms either though the website brainacademy.online or in Udemy. Whatever access you are going to choose for inculcation, you can have the overview of the whole lecture whenever you want. There are provided videos and you can watch it as any as you can. He is active on both platforms so you have nothing to worry about. He will refer to all comments and question being posted. He usually respond twenty four hours to all queries you might have in mind. So, take your course bundle now and see the big difference that may possibly happen to the way you think and view life.

See his blogs at the website mybrainandi.com and look for the bestselling online courses suited for you at brainacademy.online. Enroll now!

About the Kickstarter:

Kickstarter had made their names by helping thousands of artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators that needs for support and resource to make one’s quality idea into reality. They had helped many people make their campaign projects attainable. Either small or big projects that needs a public recognition, Kickstarter can help. They are a team composed of 137 people based in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Half of the teams are in the field for hands on support while half of them are working with the production in sense of in coding and designing the campaign projects to make it presentable to the audience. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Neuroplasticity
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Email: greg@humandimension.be
Address:Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Country: United States
Website: http://www.1bmc.org/neuroplasticity-how-to-rewire-your-brain