Waratek CEO to Present in Cyber Innovation Showcase at InfoSecurity Europe on Runtime Application Self Protection

LONDON, UK – 02 June, 2016 – Brian Maccaba will explore the challenges in maintaining application availability, for new and legacy applications, while addressing security vulnerabilities; and will discuss how Runtime Application Self Protection provides fast remediation and compensating controls against critical vulnerabilities for regulatory compliance.

WHO: Brian Maccaba, Waratek CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with a track record for identifying and bringing to market disruptive technologies for the financial services industry. He led Cognotec to develop AutoDeal, a pioneering Web-based foreign exchange trading platform that was adopted by more than sixty banks worldwide. Mr. Maccaba has led Waratek through the transition from Research and Development to live deployment, where Waratek was voted ‘Most Innovative Security Solution’ at RSA 2015.

WHAT: Enterprises rely heavily on web-facing applications. This makes them a popular target for cyberattacks via SQL Injection, zero day malware and unpatched vulnerabilities. In this session, the CEO of RSA Innovation Sandbox winner Waratek will look at the challenges faced in securing new and legacy applications whilst maintaining application availability. It will also look at how security application testing tools (SAST) such as Veracode, Checkmarx and HP Fortify are used to identify faults, but still leave the application vulnerable for potentially long periods of time until manually fixed. Mr Maccaba will look at a new approach that integrates SAST with Runtime Application Self Protection (RASP) to automate the complete lifecycle of vulnerability detection, remediation and validation of the virtual patch’s efficacy.

Attendees will learn:

• Why current approaches to application protection including static code analysis, application development best practices and security devices including Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) are unable to keep up with threats

• How RASP can immediately resolve 80% of known security vulnerabilities without patching the code

• Why a RASP solution based on Virtualization can detect and block attacks like SQL Injection without generating false positives, and can log all application activity for forensic investigations and compliance auditing

InfoSecurity Europe 2016, Olympia, London

WHEN: Wednesday 8th June 17.05pm BST in the Cyber Innovation Showcase

HOW: To schedule a conversation with Brian Maccaba, contact Debbie Fuller at +44 7429 023939

If you have not already registered, you can register here for free before 6th June. 

Waratek will also be exhibiting on Stand N100 near the Keynote area. 

About Waratek

Waratek protects applications from logic, network and vulnerability exploits without code changes, agents or hardware devices. A pioneer in Runtime Application Self Protection Waratek monitors, detects and blocks threats from within the Java Virtual Machine without any user discernible performance degradation. This transparent, self-protection is available for datacenter and Cloud environments. In 2015 the RSA Conference’s Innovation Sandbox awarded Waratek the title of Most Innovative Company saying it was an inventive solution to a ‘massive problem’ and Computer Technology Review awarded the title ‘Most Valuable Security Product’. Waratek is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland with subsidiaries in New York and London, and offices in Sydney, Tokyo, Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul.

For further information please visit www.waratek.com

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