ST LOUIS, MO – 02 June, 2016 – Discount details are sent directly to seniors’ smartphones as an alert.

Sciddy, a service that provides information on senior discounts, is launching a new application that makes it easier for seniors to remember when to ask. Users of the app will receive notifications while near a business with a senior discount listing, acting as a reminder and discovery tool for saving them money.

Sciddy began as an everyday discount site for seniors 50 and over (, but the site’s data will now be exclusive to its mobile app. The app is free to download and features over 250,000 discounts in cities across the country. has been redesigned to support the new app and reflect this change in direction.

“The app solves two basic problems facing seniors. We don’t always remember to ask for a discount nor take the time to look one up,” said Steve Mitchener, president of Dirxion, LLC, which is the owner and operator of Sciddy. “Our previous website made information readily available, but it forced consumers to spend extra time searching for discounts. The new app removes that barrier.”

Once downloaded, the app pings the user’s current location and recognizes when a person is simply on the move as opposed to when a consumer has actually stopped to visit a business. For listings within walking distance, an alert will be sent. This helps mitigate the problem of receiving an overload of notifications that are not relevant to the consumer and also emphasizes Sciddy as a local experience.

As mentioned, the app is free to download; however, the notification service is free to use for 30 days and requires a $7.99 annual subscription to receive the notifications. Those who do not subscribe will still have access to the discount data through the Around Me feature, which displays discounts on a map.

Since Sciddy’s launch on April 25, 2011, the original website had over a million unique visitors. The average user spent six minutes on the site and reviewed about eight discounts while visiting. But Sciddy wants to reach more seniors, whose population far exceeds 50 million and will continue to grow.

Sciddy’s mission is to recognize seniors — the largest, most viable buying group in America — and the active lifestyles and well-defined tastes they enjoy. Businesses continue to customize their plans to recognize seniors, who possess tremendous purchasing power. The ability to receive senior discount information via the Sciddy mobile application could influence their purchasing behavior.

Listed in the database are businesses from a variety of industries (e.g., food, entertainment and travel). The company recently concluded a calling campaign in which they obtained senior discount information from as many national franchises as possible, so that seniors can see results in any U.S. city.

Future plans include a Sciddy alert when a discount should be available but does not have a listing. The alert will enable users to input the discount, with the business listing already matched to the entry. A reward system will benefit those who provide accurate listings upon review.

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