4 Free Film Funding & Business of Film Events for Filmmakers Sponsored by Film Funding LA Throughout June 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA – 02 June, 2016 – Film Funding LA is sponsoring a series of events for independent filmmakers throughout June. Those wishing to attend these events, many of which are online and free to those who RSVP, should visit http://filmfundingla.com/upcoming-events/

Upcoming events include:

June 2: Bruce Nash of The-Numbers.com presents Using Film Analytics to Persuade Investors
June 7: Quickly Reaching Film Investors with Jason Scoggins, COO of Slated.com
June 15: Putting Your Muse On Speed Dial with Psychotherapist Bill Benson, The Mental Gym
June 26: The Character Key with Actor/Producer Natalia Lazarus: Create True Characters (not free)
June 29: WeScreenplay.com Co-Founder Scot Lawrie: An Insiders Look at Screenplay Coverage

These events will be moderated by Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton who currently support more than 12,000 working writers, actors, producers, and other creative pros through weekly face to face and online events. You can learn more about her work on www.NoBetterFriend.com

Michael Praver, founder of FilmFundingLA.com, says “In working to give independent film producers access to everything from first-money-in and equipment financing, to SBA loans, it became clear to us that most filmmakers needed accurate and ongoing support in the actual business of filmmaking. While many film schools and universities routinely provide academic instruction on production, writing, and performance few deliver any of the financial and business skills required to help people fully fund, produce, distribute, market, and merchandise profitable films.”

Nancy Fulton adds, “Michael has been sponsoring my group’s events for several months, and his support allowed me to produce and live and recorded events for filmmakers here in Los Angeles and nationwide. I’ve owned a media business since my early twenties, and I’ve seen truly great creatives living as starving artists simply because they can’t get a handle on the business of media.  Michael has helped me deliver critical skills to thousands of working pros. Many of my events are offered online so people can attend them from anywhere. Our face to face events here in LA are great for networking. Every event I present, and every topic I cover, is designed to help creative pros produce media more profitably. I feel very fortunate to have Michael’s ongoing support.”

Film Funding Club events are sponsored by FilmFundingLA.com who offers $50K-$250K in development funding to filmmakers and assists them in obtaining, equipment financing and SBA loans as required to expand their businesses over time.

About FilmFundingLA.com

After more than a decade spend providing business support, management training, and financial services to working entrepreneurs across the United States, successful serial enterpreneur Michael Praver launched FilmFundingLA.com specifically provide support to working filmmakers.

For more information about the products and services he provides, visit www.FilmFundingLA.com

About Nancy Fulton

Writer/Producer Nancy Fulton launched her first group, the Film Funding Club, in 2009. She currently supports over 12,000 filmmakers, screenwriters, actors, and other creative pros through face-to-face and online events every month.  

Visit www.NoBetterFriend.com to learn more about her work.

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