New Throw Pillow Insert Diversion Safe Helps Protects Valuables At Home and While Traveling

Throw Pillow Safe: Diversion Safes are one of the Best ways to stash anything that you don’t want other people to see. Keeping your valuables safe and secure for easy access in time of emergencies or hiding them from thieves.

Safety Proof Your Life, a company dedicated to providing high-quality products for personal and home use, proudly announces the launch of its newest product, the Throw Pillow Insert Diversion Safe, a soft and comfortable pillow with a hidden compartment deep inside.

Made in the U.S.A., this innovative new home security product provides a safe and secure storage space for valuables where no one would think to look.  Placed in any room, it is completely inconspicuous and safely stores valuables such as jewelry, cash, coins, documents, and more.  The overstuffed pillow makes it difficult to detect anything hidden inside.

The large Throw Pillow Insert Diversion Safe measures 16 inches by 16 inches square and bulges six inches high.  It is stuffed with almost thirteen ounces of a special blend of premium polyester fibers, the pillow is extremely soft yet ensures that the contents cannot be felt.  The pillow’s outer cover is made from non-allergenic, stain resistant, and bacteria resistant polypropylene bonded fibers for a durable yet soft feel that breathes and reduces moisture.  Its secure, heavy gauge zippered pocket protects valuables.  Easy to clean, the pillow insert is machine washable in warm water and can be dried in the dryer set on cool.

Around the home, the luxurious pillow can be enclosed any decorative cover to fit the décor and color scheme of any room, camouflaging it from thieves or burglars.  It also makes an excellent travel safe while on vacation or a business trip.  The uses for the versatile throw pillow diversion safe are endless.  It protects valuables during a hospital stay, for nursing home residents, college students and both long haul and short trip truckers, among many other uses.

Available exclusively at, the Throw Pillow Insert Diversion Safe is available for only $29.90 and comes with free shipping on all orders over $49.  Safety Proof Your Life offers a 100% money back guarantee if not completely satisfied with the Throw Pillow Insert Diversion Safe.  

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