New Volunteer Social Network App Launched Called Elev8society

The new app provides people with a way to find out about volunteering opportunities and for non-profit organizations to advertise for volunteers and promote events. The app is free to download and use.

A new social network to help the world become a better place has been launched. The new social network that is available as an app is called the Elev8society volunteer social network. It provides a network that allows people to help other people and for a non-profit organization to promote events as well as for people to seek volunteering opportunities.

Brittany Chung founded Elev8society who looked at the world and knew it was her destiny to help make it a better place. She wanted to live in a world where people could come forward and help other people and make a difference and decided to do something about it. Even though she had no experience of designing and putting an app together, she decided to teach herself to fulfill her aim and help others.

The founder of Elev8society said: “I created Elev8society because volunteering shouldn’t be such a hassle. Elev8society is an app made with the sole intent of showing others the power to make a difference lies within us. I believe If we could open everyone’s eyes to see the value in their life, the power meaning and purpose they have, then we may be able to save a few lives.”

A lot of the major changes that have taken place in the world to make it a better place have not come from governments; they have come from charities and individuals. Going back in history and looking at people such as Bob Geldof, it’s clear people with heart; determination and ambition make a difference. Brittany Chung with her Elev8society app aims to bring those people together and make positive changes.

The app allows non-profit organizations to promote events; it also allows for charitable organizations throughout the United States to send out details of volunteering opportunities available and provides a platform for people to communicate and find solutions to global epidemics. It has been regarded as one of the most important tools to help raise awareness and help make important changes to local and national communities.

Non-profit organizations are limited on the budget they have to promote awareness campaigns and make people aware of their money raising opportunities. The new app provides those people with the power to communicate with the wider audience and enables users to receive important news feed.

The new social network has received positive reviews from users, especially with the way it allows people to set up their own event within minutes. This option provides the user with a quick way to let a mass audience know of what is happening within their area, providing people with a very powerful tool while allow people to know about local and national events.

Elev8society has become a great platform for bringing people together, allowing them to share interests, talking about current issues and generally to meet together on a platform of like-minded people.

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About Elev8society

Elev8society is the best free modern volunteer social network app that places the power to make a difference in your hands. Elev8society is a community fueled by people helping people. Furthermore, you can instantly receive the latest volunteer opportunities from charities throughout the United States.

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