Airwheel S9 wheeled robot and C5 smart helmet declared forging ahead in pursuit of perfection

With future-oriented design, Airwheel S9 wheeled robot and C5 smart helmet declare that Airwheel is forging ahead in pursuit of perfection.

Since its establishment, Airwheel has released six series of electric scooters, which all try to make customers have a convenient, comfortable and intelligent riding experience. Recently, Airwheel has launched its new products, including Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot and C5 smart helmet. And the advanced technology adopted by these two products shows Airwheel is not satisfied with its fruits and it now moves forward bravely and quickly to embrace a future full of possibilities.

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Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot is an indication of Airwheel’s stepping into the area of artificial intelligence in which service robot is representive. As an intelligent robot, Airwheel S9 can realize man-machine interaction through the internal laser radar and auditory collecting system.

Airwheel S9 two wheeled self-balancing robot

Meanwhile, Airwheel S9 can achieve obstacle avoiding and route planning with its comprehensive positioning system of GPRS, WIFI and network base station. In the near future, by  upgrading plugins and software, S9 can be used in more scenarios. By the way, from the release of S9, one can easily perceives Airwheel’s great power of turning technology to commodities.

Airwheel C5 cool motorcycle smart helmet

Airwheel C5 custom motorcycle smart helmets shows Airwheel is now extending its business out of the field of electric scooter. As a product of Airwheel, C5 smart helmet will never disappoint you. Having a comprehensive ventilation system, which consists of front air inlet, deep inside ventilation slot, top streamline vent and rear vertical air outlet, C5 intelligent helmet can let you feel fresh and cool; conforming to IP54 standard and applicable in a wide temperature range from -20 to 50 degrees, C5 can accompany you in extreme conditions; equipped with a camera of high-resolution and wide field of vision, you can record the exciting moments and the beautiful scenes easily; built in a WIFI modular, C5 enables you to transmit the images to the social platforms. From the design of C5, one can conclude that this helmet is positioned as a multi-functional intelligent helmet. 

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The release of Airwheel S9 wheeled robot and C5 intelligent helmet shows Airwheel is making a big move in the application future-oriented technology.

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