Young Brits Getting Drunk Abroad Need To Be Warned About The Dangers Of Excessive Alcohol Says Alcohol Reduction Expert

Young Brits going abroad are ignoring the dangers that getting drunk can cause. More Brits are now heading abroad and taking part in excessive drinking, which could result in serious injury or death through accidents, fights, and also results in STD’s through having sex with strangers with no protection. Georgia Foster, a leading alcohol reduction expert, would like to see more campaigns launched to warn young people of the dangers of excessive drinking while going on holiday.

A leading Alcohol reduction expert as seen on TV has warned that young Brits going abroad are not taking the message of how dangerous excessive drinking can be. Georgia Foster, an expert in helping people reduce the amount of alcohol they drink said more than half of young holidaymakers who go abroad are drinking more while on holiday in one night than they would back home in the UK. The rise in people having a serious or fatal accident while drunk has increased warns Georgia Foster.

When a young person has got drunk, they are more likely to be involved in a fight than they would be if they were sober according to Georgia Foster. A person who is drunk is also leaving themselves open to criminals who could take advantage of them and mug them or attack them as an easy target. Even though after all these years of campaigning about safe sex, a young person while on holiday abroad and drunk will forget about the dangers and have sex with a stranger with no protection, which could result in STDs.

Georgia Foster has also warned about the damage to a young person’s health if they go on holiday and gets drunk each night.

“Young people want to go abroad and have a good time, but they should also be aware of how dangerous excessive drinking can be and how they should drink in moderation. There has been a number of deaths through people drinking more than they should, and we need to educate those young people about the dangers,” said Georgia Foster.

A recent example of the dangers of drinking too much alcohol was the recent case of a British engineer who died on holiday in Thailand after drinking so much alcohol that he would have been almost four and a half times over the drink driving limit. Other cases involve people falling from their hotel balcony.

Georgia Foster would like travel agents and the government to come together and launch a new campaign during the summer to warn young people of the dangers of drinking too much while abroad.

The Alcohol reduction expert said: “Young drinking culture is due to social acceptance and pressure. Binge drinking is seen as funny and cool to have a hangover. It’s actually a competitive game for them. Excessive drinking is also about wanting to be liked and accepted and to belong.”

Georgia also explained that a person who drinks too much on holiday might find it hard to cut back once they get home and could even find themselves becoming addicted to alcohol. The health dangers of alcohol abuse have been well documented, but it doesn’t seem to get through to the younger generation.

Alcohol abuse has serious health and social consequences.  Alcohol abuse is an unhealthy pattern of consistent excessive drinking that can lead to alcoholism.  Alcoholism is a regular dependence on alcohol and is significantly more serious than alcohol abuse because it is chronic, progressive and potentially fatal.  Alcohol abuse and alcoholism both have serious negative effects on men’s health including:

• Creating a higher probability of serious injury or death while drinking

• Increasing the risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, liver, and colon

• Increasing the possibility of impotence and infertility 

Being able to recognize the symptoms of alcohol abuse and alcoholism is a critical first step to starting on the path to recovery.  Symptoms of alcohol abuse include:

• Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol frequently above the recommended limit of four units of alcohol

• Drinking and driving

• Frequent excessive or heavy drinking, also known as binge drinking

• Interpersonal difficulties with family, friends or co-workers

• Legal problems related to drinking

Symptoms of alcoholism include:

• Having cravings or a strong need or urge to drink

• Loss of control being unable to stop drinking once started

• Physical dependence exhibited by withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, sweating, shakiness and anxiety once stopped drinking

• Increasing tolerance to alcohol and needing to drink more to feel the effects

Men who drink regularly and are not in the state of health and wellness they want to be should assess their drinking habits and evaluate their situation.  If they are unable to do this by themselves, they should seek professional help.

Georgia Foster said: “I want more men to be aware of the dangers involved in drinking too much alcohol. By making more men aware of the dangers to their health, I hope that the problem in the UK and around the world will reduce.”

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