Fadi Awad Wins In The Hollywood Songwriting Contest!

LOS ANGELES, CA – 03 June, 2016 – Friday 27th 2016 was a glorious day to the International Multi-Awards Winner Artist Fadi Awad and to all his supporters because in that day, the results of the Hollywood Songwrting Contest Awards 2015 were announced, and Fadi Awad won the Best Holiday Song Award with his track “Christmas Is Here” featuring the American top singer and songwriter Marcie! The competition in that contest was so high, just like every year, and it took ONE YEAR of judging and filtering through stages to decide the Winners in all the contest categories. Winning in such a hard and high standard contest is very important to any artist because of the big major importance of the “Hollywood” industry label worldwide, and for integrating more inside Hollywood.

Fadi Awad in his related press conference thanked a lot his GOD first for everything… Then continued: “Marcie and I are so happy and we thank the Judges and the Organizers of that high caliber important contest for selecting our song as a winner in its category!” And he added: “I evaluate a lot this winning result, it’s so important, and I highly appreciate this wonderful fair concept of the Organizers and the Judges in giving each song what it really deserves based on clear music related criteria. High hat & respect for those people because this kind of people with this kind of thinking are the qualified ones to elevate the music industry and resolve all its problems! This is why Hollywood is the Mother and the Kingdom of the World’s Entertainment! Yes, it’s because of these wonderful souls who know how to put everyone and everything in their right places to give a real strong image, full correct professional work, and top successful results so that the organization or institution stays at the peak!”… Fadi then thanked a lot his supporters everywhere for their continuous support, promising them to do his best this year for achieving as much good results as possible. And answering another question that is related to the support, he replied: “We support primary and basically all who support us and we evaluate and appreciate all who evaluate and appreciate us, and we don’t consider the existence of those who disrespect our presence! We reciprocate exactly the same way that we are treated!” And when he was asked about some specific radios and media coverage of his news and projects in some specific countries, he clearly replied: “There are special scouts to bring news and music to every media and industry related institution, and at this level, it’s not my job to push myself and my news out of the limit to any media, neither to teach those scouts what to look for, where and how… I’m so proud of what I achieved and totally satisfied about everything from every side, and in this level, I give recognitions… I thank all who are covering our news and playing our music, and I don’t have any concern with those who aren’t. And if any of those ever decides to cover our news or supports our projects, they know exactly where to find all…”  

Notice that Fadi has released last month his latest EP “The Dancefloor Killer” that was ranked NUMBER 1 in Juno Downloads under its genre, and reached the Top 10 on Beatport’s Pop Top 100, and entered Germany’s Top 100 Dance Charts, and still going good worldwide… Fadi and his crew too have launched this year 2 radio stations so far. Fadi is still welcoming any kind of serious good sponsorship or support to any of his projects… Congratulations Fadi Awad & Marcie, you deserve the best!

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