Daily commuting and weekend cycling count on Airwheel intelligent scooters and skateboards

Living metropolises, we keep moving forward for a better life. Most of the times, we always feel lonely. We need friends and families. Similarly, we also need an Airwheel intelligent vehicle in every day that can accompany ourselves as well as acts as the major transporting vehicle no matter it is for daily commuting or weekend cycling.

Everyone who lives in metropolises is struggling for a better life. We have to work very hard to gain what we want. But sometimes loneliness troubles us. Without kinship and friendship, each of us will feel difficult to go through the tough life. The same thing is that without Airwheel intelligent vehicles, we may still be trapped in the cage.

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We must steadfastly take each step in spite of how it will be in the future. Therefore, an awesome transport vehicle will greatly enrich your life. Meanwhile, it won’t occupy too much space and is small enough to be carried with you. Two electric scooters released recently by Airwheel will help your explore the undiscovered life.

Z5 – the king of folding

leg control electric scooter

The coating is eye-catching for the first glance of Airwheel Z5. The perfect combination of colors displays the unique aesthetics of minimalism. Together with the size of 850mm×195mm×390mm, Z5 standing up electric scooter turns out to be more portable after folding. Besides, most of the people can lift Z5 which only weighs 14kg. Distinguished from Z3, Z5 not only adopts the cuboid battery design but also alters the location of the battery pack from operating arm to the front of pedals. So users will feel steadier during riding in this case. Furthermore, the intelligent braking taillight is equipped for sounding alarms when riders stopped.

S8 – the king of elegance

razor electric scooter

As for S8 double-wheels self-balancing scooter, it accomplishes a task with ease comparing to S6 since it adopts the 10-inch tubeless tires. S8 won’t jog riders up and down under the sitting posture or standing posture. Plus, the gravity of seat has been adjusted to ensure the comfortable riding. The most unusual feature from the profile of S8 is the shape of operating arm. With the streamlined operating arm, S8 looks like more flexible and graceful.

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Believe it or not, your daily commuting and weekend cycling count on Airwheel intelligent vehicles.

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