Hollywood Based Splendid 4D Studio Helps Startups Secure Million Dollar Investments

Hollywood-based CG animation studio is helping Startups to seek the funding requirements they need. The success of the service has helped companies to secure million dollar investments through high-quality production services.

Splendid 4D Studio, a Hollywood-based computer animation and production studio offering top quality 3D rendering and 4D simulation services, enables startup companies to demonstrate their product concepts in high quality and compelling rendered animations at affordable prices, helping them to secure necessary investments and get to market faster. Animations can enable a new class of project visualization and communication, resulting in richer client engagement, more compelling fundraising, and better alignment of strategic partners.

Whether for a critical business meeting with venture capital investors, to secure funding from other financial institutions, or for corporate or product publicity, high-quality 3D photorealistic renderings, and 4D animations provide full visualization of the product or project, transforming it from a concept into something that is more readily understood.

Using the latest high-tech tools and software, the design and graphics experts at Splendid 4D Studio have many years of experience in rendering product animations, creating creative animations for branding and marketing, designing product demonstration animation applications, and providing photorealistic animation and production.  The company’s experts add artistic sensibilities to any project, free up clients’ resources to focus on design rather than rendering details, and deliver exceptional results at lower costs.

Splendid 4D Studio enables its clients to convey concepts and ideas to prospective buyers in a realistic way, advertise projects or products before they start, and smooth the process of planning and review.  The company is dedicated to providing high-quality results at affordable prices on schedule and with awesome customer service.  For the best animation and rendering services in the U.S. and Asia, the experts at Splendid 4D Studio bring clients’ visions to life.

Visualize the next dimension of any project with Splendid 4D Studio.

For more information about the company and its innovative design services, please visit http://www.splendid4d.com/

About Splendid 4D Studio

Based in Los Angeles, Splendid 4D Studio is a leading edge visualization solution company with a studio also located in Beijing, China.  Its skilled chief digital artists have more than fifty years of combined experience creating industry leading designs.  Offering 3D rendering services and 4D construction simulation/animation services, the firm’s lead designers, architects, and engineers effectively work on innovative projects across two continents.

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Prime example of the quality work provided by CG animation studio can be seen in these two videos:



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