Filmmaker David Boyer launches Indiegogo campaign for his film ‘Too Many Yodas’

South Bend-based filmmaker David Boyer has launched a crowdfunding campaign with a goal of $2500 for his new movie project named ‘Too Many Yodas’. The short film is a story about life, pain, loneliness and lots of yodas.  The main character of the story Gabe, played by Justin LeMonti is an obese shut-in telemarketer who has an enormous collection of Yodas. His brother Jed, played by Steven Cole always tries to put him down and brings a homeless girl named Gina to distract Gabe.

Boyer has raised a successful fundraiser previously too for the pre-production costs of the film. The current fundraiser will help him to manage production costs such as props, equipment, food for the actors and others.

The film about love, drugs, relationships and of course the popular character from Star Wars Series, Yoda is promised to entertain the audiences. The campaign also offers a chance to the backers to earn many perks and rewards. By contributing $5 in the campaign, the backer can get a sticker or temporary tattoo designed by Chad Tetzlaff of Chaderak Tattooing. By pledging for $10, the backer can get a digital copy of the movie whenever it is finished and the $20 perk offers a DVD copy of the movie along with previous rewards.

By contributing $50 in the campaign, the backers can get a Yoda prop or prop poster that is also autographed by the cast. The $250 perk gives a chance to the user to get a tattoo session with the popular tattoo artist Chad. The $1000 perk is the executive reward which provides all of the above perks along with a Yoda statue of backer’s choice or specialized props designed byDustin Mills of Puppet Monster Massacre and Her Name is Torment fame.

The success of the Indiegogo campaign will ensure that the film can be launched successfully and reached to a wider audience.

More information about the campaign is available at

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