New-age Kitxentools BBQ Grill Mats at Staarton Making Lives easier For Barbecue griller

New-age BBQ Grill Mats by KitxenTools at Staarton are making lives easier for grillers around the world by preventing direct contact between food & the grill so that the grill is easier to clean than before.

Cardiff, Wales – 4th June, 2016 – BBQ parties are no doubt fun yet it’s the daunting task of cleaning stuck meat from the grills that take all the fun out for the party host. But not anymore- leading ecommerce platform Staarton has arrived with new age BBQ Grill Mats by KitxenTools that prevent direct contact between food & the grill, keeping the BBQ grill clean and a breeze to wash. It certainly doubles up the pleasure quotient for the BBQ party cook/host.

The new Bbq grill mat comes in a set of 2. They are FDA approved 100 % non-sticky mats (15.75″x13″) that make BBQ cooking simpler and a true pleasure. 

“If you love to hit the BBQ parties you also remember how long it takes for the party host to clean up the grill given stuck food in between the grates. But you can save yourself from all that hard work now next time you are organizing your own BBQ party, courtesy the new Barbecue grill mat from KitxenTools. The brand is known for making lives easier and its latest release echoes the same principle”, stated a leading sales official from Staarton.

The user can safely place the Barbecue mats over grill and no more one have to worry about unhealthy foods cooked on burnt, rusty and dirty grills. The food can be placed directly on the mat for cooking and as there’s no question of greasing or oiling the mat, as was with the grills- it assures a much healthier cooking and better lifestyle. One can use it on liner too.

“You can cook just anything you wish to grill with the new Grilling mat for the upcoming BBQ party- be it fish or chicken ribs or burgers or steaks or pizza or bacon or shrimp & so on. Gone are the days when you had to worry about the food falling in between grates & your delicacies won’t stay stuck to the Cooking mats either. As the food won’t be in direct touch with the grill grates, the food flavor will finally stay intact. You will end up with quite a wonderful rewarding experience.”

The hi-tech PTFE Nonstick grill mat assures a solid heat resistant capacity up till 500ºF/260ºC. They are eco-friendly, dishwasher safe and always re-usable (on both the sides).  Moreover, the new Grill cooking mat could be modified to any shape one wants with scissor to befit toaster, oven, gas cooker, stove, cake tin or pans. 

“It’s just a snap to wash & clean the new Bbq cooking mat by KitxenTools. You would simply have to wipe it with sponge & soapy water, followed by a dry-up with kitchen paper or a dry cloth and you are done”, added in the Staarton manager.

The new mat has earned great ratings and reviews from its long list of happy customers.

“Oh my God! This grill mat is just wonderful”, read a happy review while another customer said-“It’s just perfect for any avid griller.”

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