New book by leading Recruiter Shares Proven Job Search Hacks for Introverts

New book “How To Hack Your Job Search – For Introverts” by leading Recruitment Consultant Sean Stovall shares the proven job search codes or hacks that will lead to a successful job search real fast.

Bloomington, MN – 4th June, 2016 – Introverts often face hardships while landing up with their dream jobs given their lack of networking skills. But all that is to change now for better- latest book “How To Hack Your Job Search – For Introverts” by leading recruiter consultant Sean Stovall has shared proven job search hacks that will help job seekers to cut the duration of their job search in half.

Though aimed primarily at introverts, the book would benefit anyone who wants to save time and money on during their next job search. It will be released officially on July 1 while the pre-order sales would start from June 6.

“Being an introvert myself, I know the problems faced by introverts while seeking jobs. It took a lot to land myself where I am today, and through this book I am going to share the proven job search hacks that will help you to land your dream job easily & efficiently. The codes or maxims shared here are used by TOP-notch career pros, so you can expect quick and true tangible results”, stated Stovall who has been a successful talent sourcing & recruiting consultant for over a decade for some of the most elite organizations from around the globe. 

A Disabled Veteran & erstwhile Project Manager, life was never easy for Sean. Circumstances forced him to transit from Military to Civilian & he had even found himself homeless briefly years back. Moreover, times were really tough when he switched careers from Project Management to Talent Acquisition 13 years back. 

“I have been challenged to the extent of being homeless for a while and had a major career change. On top of that, my introvert nature wasn’t always helpful in my job hunt. I spent thousands on professional certification courses to learn the techniques & methods which helped me get to where I am today. In this book, I am actually giving away everything I have learned and gathered from my years of experience and the thousands of dollars that I spent on training and that too for a nominal price of a book that is less than the cost of your morning breakfast”, he added in.

The book claims to reveal the “ONLY” method one would ever need to know for a successful job hunt. It teaches strategic networking principles that complement the introvert lifestyle, effective time-management and job search automation, and all the hacks needed to avoid “recruiters who suck”. 

“The strategies that I discuss in the book helped me to transcend from a homeless vet to being honorably employed with a solid career in under 30 days. I know they work because I have used them with great success personally, and with most of my clients. I guarantee it can help you achieve heightened success as well.”

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