In Lakesh Magazine Embarks on Mission to Broaden Reach and Inspire the World One Page at a Time!

With the recent launch of In Lakesh Magazine online, the publishing world has been enriched by this magazine’s powerful storytelling, informative reporting and inspirational message. Additionally, this online magazine offers an audio format, allowing fans to enjoy In Lakesh on the go or relaxingly hands-free. In addition to the enormous value that In Lakesh Magazine already provides, the publishers would also like to take the almost unheard of step of eliminating all ads from its pages. This enables readers to fully enjoy the written pieces without the distraction of promotional messages.

This entertaining and insightful online publication is currently a small-scale operation—having just launched in May of 2016—but the Canadian publisher has ambitious plans to inspire millions around the world to live a more fulfilling life. The primary mission of In Lakesh Magazine is to help unify people from around the world by sharing cultures and human interest stories. The magazine’s content is produced by a diverse group of writers and artists who firmly believe in global equality and unity.

In Lakesh Magazine is currently available in English and French, but the production team is developing a Portuguese version as well, which will extend readership to a vast new audience. The next stage in this massive project will require $50,000 for website design, marketing, writer salaries, Portuguese version launch in Brazil, and production costs. To raise the funds, the In Lakesh Magazine team has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. If you choose to support this important project, you may be eligible for valuable perks like social media recognition, free subscriptions, full page reservation or the opportunity to be on the In Lakesh Magazine cover.

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