Just about when the government was starting to contemplate on what to do with the stockpiled shipping containers left in different ports and container yards, vibrant innovators came up with design trends that sought to challenge the conventional construction by bringing a bold and creative thought of container housing.

They began constructing container houses something that many people didn’t believe could happen. However, with the green revolution gaining popularity across the world, more people are turning to shipment containers structures.


Besides the outstanding living homes that have been constructed from these cargo containers, a new idea of building modular, scalable hotel system has hit the market. The structure features all the characteristics that are present in a conventional hotel. Offering an elegant, stylish and cost-effective solution, architect and designers have constructing alluring container hotels that are ingenious, cool and full of surprises.

Embodied with warm lighting features, elegant doors and smart use of eco-friendly material and a surrounding rustic environment, container hotels offer nothing less other than comfort. The interior is outstanding, unassuming, elegant, and assume a minimalistic look that can be customized with various options.

There are several advantages of container apartments and houses. To start with, shipping containers are less costly. A house constructed from cargo containers is significantly cheaper than the ordinary house which consumes a sizeable amount of materials and capital to its completion.

Secondly, use of these shipment containers in construction is eco-friendly. Conventional houses are built from materials such as bricks, wood, sand and cement all which are extracted from the earth thus accelerating environmental pollution. It also saves the energy that would have been used to melt down container when scrapping.

Thirdly, we all know that the USA has more imports than exports. Thus, there are thousands of freight containers abandoned in container yards and ports. This is because sending them to their origin for re-loading will be uneconomical. Using them as construction materials, therefore, help in solving the problem of container pile up.

The other advantage is that the containers are durable. The cargo containers are constructed to withstand heavy loads, heavy rough handling, and harsh climatic conditions. Thus, when they are used in a project, you are guaranteed that they will last for years. The boxes also are ISO standards compliant a feature that makes houses made from these containers easy and safe.

The containers create apartments that are structurally stable. They are ideal for withstanding harsh conditions and can be constructed on difficult sites. They can be erected in areas with high risks of earthquakes and hurricanes since the modular elements can be well welded together.

The other important aspect to consider is that the container houses take a short time to be constructed compared to the conventional houses which must go through several faces to be completed.

With careful planning, outstanding decor and exclusive creative designs, Element Space Inc, can erect an excellent modular hotel with exceptional and one of a kind feature. The company is a full house with designers and engineers who are ready to take up any project and deliver outstanding results. If you have some ideas, they will customize them and construct the exact structure you have in mind.

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