New Skin Care Fashion Led by TST Tin’ Secret Yeast

Currently, a facial mask called TST tin’ Secret is extremely popular in Circle of Friends, which is favored and accepted by numerous women who appreciate the beauty. As a mask brand created by fashionable star, Zhang Ting, TST tin’ Secret relies on the effects of skin whitening, freckle fading, acne treatment, smoothed wrinkles, red blood repair and grease balancing to rapidly catch the attentions of a large amount of fans. Meanwhile, aimed at sensitive skin, it can be used for pregnant women and mothers during suckling period, thus the mask creates a good brand and the influence in the market.

TST tin’ Secret Yeast is even widely circulated in the Circle of Stars and becomes the essential skin care product for many stars in their leisure time. As an influential brand in the field of yeast mask, TST is from Taiwan and utilizes completely imported raw materials and production line to create first-class products.  

TST tin’ Secret brand has such good effects and influence since its founder, Lin Ruiyang, employs international first-rate research and development group and successfully initiates the “Three Bacteria into One” patented technology in order to break the dilemma that only fermented products of a kind of bacteria are existed and to deal with the difficulty that multiple bacteria are mutually restricted and cannot be negotiated. In addition, the facial mask maintains the stability of bacterium kinds by low-temperature coating technology and meanwhile makes effective molecular much smaller to directly reach the corium layer and then to promote the absorption of viable bacteria for skin.

TST combines the high-tech submicron penetration technology to go deep into skin’s bottom layer and provides nutrients required for cell regeneration, thus the effects of cell activation and repair can be optimized and then the Yeast series is successfully developed. Besides, the “Tin’s Secret” products are named after the name of brand spokesman, Zhang Ting.

The Products in TST tin’ Secret brand are manufactured according to drug regulatory system without any harmful chemicals. It is the first international “live and vital” skin care product that is suitable for different ages, genders, skin types and consumption groups. From deep layer of skin, the metabolism, repair and absorption regulatory mechanism is activated to restore the healthy skin and naturally to effectively alleviate all kinds of skin problems such as dryness, grease, acne, dehydration, tiny wrinkle and sensitivity. In addition, it provides the comprehensive and efficient deep maintenance for women who appreciate beauty to keep clean, bright, soft and white status and to make your skin shine.


Products of TST tin’ Secret brand not only are favored by consumers, but let lots of WeChat business teams see the development prospect, thus they all expect to be agents of the brand. Being an agent of TST tin’ Secret is not required to invest or stock up, but the products are delivered directly by the company, thus it has no sale and inventory pressure or any risks. Meanwhile, the stars such as Lin Ruiyang, Xu Zheng, Tao Hong and Cao Ge sincerely guarantee the reputation of TST tin’ Secret products. The Products in TST’ Secret brand are regarded as “live and vital skin care products” to provide comprehensive deep maintenance for skin so that you can keep charming confidence and regain previous beauty.

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