Adam Kemp Fitness Launches Official App

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Adam Kemp Fitness has just launched its’ official app, available to download for free on the iOS App Store, as well as the Amazon AppStore.  Adam Kemp Fitness is an emerging brand in health and fitness, specializing in comprehensive vertical jump training, and focused on bringing you the most reliable and useful health and fitness information for your daily life!  Adam Kemp is a professional basketball player with NBA and International experience, who is now using his connections and experiences to help spread as much knowledge as possible.  Kemp attended Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, leaving the school 3rd All-time in both rebounds and blocked shots.  Following the culmination of his career at Marist, Kemp moved to the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, where he played well enough to earn himself a spot on the Detroit Pistons NBA Summer League team in 2015.

Kemp recently married international model Anna Targoniy after meeting her during his second professional season, playing for BC Astana of the VTB United League, in Astana, Kazakhstan.  Anna is currently competing in the Model Management Fresh-Faces contest to earn a top-model position.  The contest is based off of online voting and she currently ranks 1st in America and 3rd in the world. 

You can find her and vote for her at

Together, Adam and Anna are working to bring their collective knowledge bases to provide information on how to achieve your best shape ever; what-ever your goals may be!  You can check out Adam Kemp Fitness at any time at for easily understood, useable health and fitness advice!

The last member of the Adam Kemp Fitness team is Pat Ramsey, a former teammate of Adam’s at Marist College.  After walking-on at Marist, Pat created a name for himself as a hard worker and a fitness ambassador.  After leaving Marist, Ramsey was selected to play for the Washington Generals, traveling the world and playing against the Harlem Globetrotters.

You can check out Pat’s amazing transformation from an un-athletic teenager to a professional basketball player here!

Together, these three have formed an elite group of individuals to help advise you on health and fitness with possibly the widest range of knowledge on the internet.  Look out for Adam Kemp Fitness as it storms through the health and fitness world!

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