Leading Company Shares Success Story

Oxygen Orchard, Inc. is the stubborn little Texas Company that has beaten long odds.  Founders Lee and Teri Mathis announced they were a couple of optimistic baby-boomers  who both had entrepreneurial experience but certainly nothing that would prepare them for what was about to happen.

One day in 2000, Mrs. Mathis measured the dissolved oxygen in her family’s drinking water.   Knowing that water can hold a large volume of dissolved oxygen, she was dismayed when the meter showed zero.  Thus began her journey to what may be a surprising and simple unifying theory of biology with reach into almost all aspects of health.

The couple spent months researching the marketplace. Mr. Mathis began to design the counter-top appliance that could safely and efficiently infuse oxygen into drinking water.  A patent for their invention was applied for and issued. 

They would name their new product The Big Pitcher.

In 2001, the ill-fated bottled oxygen water industry aggressively marketed to athletes.  Tennis greats, Serena and Venus Williams, along with their father Richard, started a bottled oxygenated water company called SerVenRich, Inc.  

But those bottling companies had no sound science upon which to base their sometimes outrageous claims.  Soon, negative reports about the benefits of drinking oxygen-infused water began to appear, driven by a few university sports research centers.  Mrs. Mathis studied the reports, compared the results to her own growing body of research and concluded that the studies were flawed in their poorly-designed protocols.  With a product that had no precedent, the founders’ tenacity, savvy and foresight, against challenges the company began to thrive.

Today, they now operate out of a 3,000 square foot warehouse in Richmond, Texas, assembling and shipping products to fill orders from all over the world.  The business model is simplicity itself.

Big Soda has entered the ‘functional water’ segment with Vitamin Water, Smart Water, water flavorings and SodaStream’s carbonatedwater, to name just a few.  

Citigroup recently cited ten hot growth areas in the water industry.  Oxygen Orchard’s product line aspoint-of-use equipment is high on the list.

There is a dearth of correct information about the biochemistry involvedin drinking oxygen-infused water and certainly no one has a better understanding of it than Mrs. Mathis. Having been a leader in the water treatment industry for decades, she also was a three-term gubernatorial appointee, serving the State of Texas as a ‘rural water quality expert’.  She is co-founder of the Biomedical Foundation for Oxygen Research.

Mrs. Mathis adds, “We’re a private company, for now at least, and we offer a great product that peoplebelieve they need, production is perfected, financials are not terrible and the profit margin for the product allows for a generous wholesale/retail split.  So it’s all good and we’re ready for anything.”

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