DC Chef, Chef Evan, Changing Lives One Meal at A Time

Personal Chef, event caterer, cookbook author, and instructor, Chef Evan Cohen releases his new “Chef in the pocket” mobile app, “Foodsanart”. Foodsanart is a free app, providing cooking tips and videos on the go. The app answers users’ questions with videos on cooking related inquiries they post.  With this app, users can learn various cooking skills for free and have access to answers to questions posted by fellow app users.

The app, originally developed for Chef Evan’s students, is now being made available free for everyone to use!

This app was initially designed for my private students, then I had the thought, “Why not make this app available to everyone, and help even more people develop their cooking skills?” says Chef Evan.

He went on to say, “My culinary passion and huge empathy for my fellow man-kind is continually motivating me to do things to help make the world a better place for everyone. Aside from my free cooking app, I’m working on a concept. I’m referring to as, “A food Truck that gives back”. My goal is to give back to the community, delivering free healthy food to economically challenged neighborhoods. I plan on putting this on kickstarter, with the hope of raising $6,000 to help fund my mission. I like to say that I’m using my passion to change the world one meal at a time.”

Another way Chef Evan is helping people is with his new e-cookbook, “Cooking With Condiments: Easy ways to take the ordinary to the extraordinary”, available on Amazon at a temporarily reduced price of only 99 cents! This special promotion ends on June 6, 2016. 

A great book with amazing recipes that one can actually duplicate at home. This book has simple and delicious recipes with easy to follow instructions. “The video tutorials really bring this book to life!” says Mark Meyer, co-owner, Cabana Café.

The book is great for helping anyone, including those on a very tight budget, with little to no skills, to impress like the best!  It can be purchased on Amazon.com for the regular price of $9.99, but for only a very limited amount of time. This book can be grabbed for the awesome low price of just 99 cents!


Starting his career in 1998, Chef Evan is a self-taught chef who has been cooking for over 17 years. He worked his way up from short order to Head Chef in NYC’s world renowned, “Hell’s Kitchen” in high end restaurants.

He has travelled around the world adding to his culinary repertoire. He is presently working on series of projects, focusing on helping people with his passion for cooking.

Media Contact
Company Name: Foodsanart
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Phone: (631) 672-4303
City: Washington DC
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