Real Estate Brokers\’ Lives Made Easier

Carlifornia – June, 2016 – When it comes to the real estate business, realtors need to focus more on marketing and sales efforts to generate more income. But, there’s plenty of paperwork, the so-called back office part.

Thanks to modern software provided by BrokerMint, back office management just got easier and more efficient. BrokerMint software can easily be integrated with MLS and CRM to better manage listings, transactions, and contacts.

Meanwhile, overall transaction management becomes more efficient with checklists and reminders the software delivers, on top of compliance reviews, and integration with email and calendars.

Another great feature of this software is the ability to manage offers and have corresponding documents in one place. There are also automated checklists and dashboards which provide overview of the business. These items can be customized to individual preferences of each broker or realty.

Commission tracking module allows for better management of complex commission structures, agent statements, disbursement forms, and deposit tracking. It is also possible to integrate it with Quickbooks.

No longer it’s necessary to upload information manually. Now, BrokerMint will sync data to Quickbooks and create various invoices and statements. Interested parties can get a free demo and request a free trial of the system.

The best thing abut this software is it’s highly competitive pricing. The “Simple Start” offer costs as little as $79 a month for 5 seats. Transaction management, commission tracking, e-signatures, and reports are included in it. For only several dollars per head, the agents’ lives will be made easier.

There’s also a “Standard” offer, which expands into MLS and QuickBooks integration. The cost is still low at $129 a month per 5 seats. Finally, the “Enterprise” edition is the full package with even more to offer for multiple office locations and API integration. This one goes for $179 a month per 5 seats.

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