Retro Gaming Theme Play Meets Modern Edm Dance Show

A new theme of lifestyle is emerging as cosplay and digital play work hand in hand with progressive artist’s dance and song musical

Webster, TX – Kids are starting up for Summer gaming as others are ready to being launched with graduation in the Gulf Coast, Texas region while an array of masked superheroes will be playing in the box office.  Yet, a team of Indie film makers associated with Skyborg Films, will go beyond that trend this Summer and present a series of block buster film shorts that are aimed for the likings of family audiences world-wide.  

Executive producers of Skyborg Films, Counterpart Productions, and Schultheis Studios will combine efforts to produce short film family musicals that will incline the young and old of heart into the distant attraction of EDM and dance with the ever rising heat of the hidden meanings of today’s heroes in disguise.  With the maze of oncoming superheroes catered for the PG-13 crowds, there has been little setup for those who have at home taking care of those little PGer’s for the rest of the year.  

Conversely, producers of the new Manifesto series will aim for the younger generations and the young at heart; as their combined efforts will capture the dealings of the ever increasing art scene of the Gulf Coast Region.  In combined efforts, Manifesto:  HIDDEN will be a first of short films produced that will gather catchy musical themes, puzzle chasers, dance phrases and the musical way of older picture shows into a progressive mini-series that will delight the audiences of international scope.  

Also, such production of the Manifesto mini-series starting in Galveston will open up a job resource pool for newly aspiring actors and crew members to “show their” stuff as future developing openings will offer an ever increasing showcase of artistic skill mixed with the intelligence present day.  

You can find out how to support the Manifesto series in developing visiting the THUNDERCLAP Website at

About SkyborgFilms:

SkyborgFilms a newly developing film production studio that came out of a need to inspire a young generation that were newly being formed as leaders yet did not have any sense of regional responsibility.  Coming from the mechanics and knowledge of the interactive center offerings located in San Jacinto College South in Houston, TX; aspiring music producer Michael T., had generated a plan to combine efforts of the Houston art scene, hip-hop and dance performers of the coast into something more regional and effective in their monetary gain of today’s media scheme.  SkyborgFilms is a result of the combined efforts of a generation that can DIY.


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