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Three high-profile murders in 7 days and each victim has a similar tattoo. No evidence of a struggle was found. These murders were front-page headlines, and the Police Commissioner was under tremendous pressure to find the culprit.

After little to no headway the police plead with Mathematics Professor Dunningham to help them. The professor reluctantly leaves California and heads to Sydney. Once in Sydney, he helps the police make sense of the pieces of the puzzle and everyone is shocked to learn who the killer is. 

This book focuses on Professor Alfred Dunningham, PhD, who helps police departments around the world solve mysteries through the use of mathematics. Come “down under” with Stuart to see why he visited Sydney 5 times to conduct research for the book. He even reveals a security flaw that he discovered on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Professor Dunningham returns in Stuart’s next mystery novel that’s set on a cruise ship – “Disappearances in the Mediterranean.” He uses his knowledge of cruise ships, ports of call, and the activities that take place on a typical cruise to build the drama to another surprise ending.

Author Stuart Gustafson has Million-Mile Flier status on a major airline, visited more than 55 different countries, and is frequently invited to speak on cruise ships. Come travel with him and learn some of the language as he takes you to exciting places around the world.

His first mystery novel was “Missing in Mexico,” and takes place in the SAFEST place in Mexico – Los Cabos on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula. It’s about a 19-year old girl who doesn’t return from Cabo and the Private Investigator who goes looking for her.

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