Recent Book By Inspirational Author Jo Anne Meekins Exposes Red Flags of Cyber Fraud With Real-Life Stories

New book “How to Protect Yourself from ‘Pretend’ Friend Requests and Email Scams” by empowerment coach and author Jo Anne Meekins describes a step-by-step guide on spotting the red flags of cyber frauds and how to report them.

Jamaica, New York – June 06, 2016 – With cyber-crimes and fraudulent activities looming large today, it calls for being extra cautious online. A majority of these online scams are a result of users being too casual with new friend requests and email accounts that can mean severe damage to personal information, reputation, money and of course, the heart. To enlighten the online users against the ongoing cyber fraud, leading empowerment coach and author Jo Anne Meekins has created her new book “How to Protect Yourself from ‘Pretend’ Friend Requests and Email Scams” that exposes the very warning signs of cyber scams. The book is available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback editions for $2.99 and $9.99 respectively.

“Reports are prevalent about email accounts and social networking profiles being continuously violated by scammers in false identities, driven by malicious intentions. We all know at least one person who was unfortunately scammed online by cyber frauds and such activities are taxing on reputation, money and even the heart at times. Through this book, I expose the very red flags that everyone should consider when dealing with new online friend requests to prevent themselves from being victims of internet scams and frauds,” stated Meekins while announcing about the launch of her new book.

A seasoned policies and procedures writer, Jo Anne is also a poet, publisher, coach and Messenger of encouragement, empowerment and enlightenment. This is the 7th book for her with new unpublished content and one crucial theme. Note the steps discussed in the book to spot fraudulent activity and report it to protect yourself and others. The book is written inspired by a formula suggested by K. Kidd in the “Best Sellers Guild Facebook group”.

As per Jo Anne’s statements, the original draft was basically meant for an article aimed to enhance awareness on fake profiles and offer step-by-step guidance on deterring these fraudulent practices collectively. But it was a ‘1 Week Writing Challenge’ that motivated the empowerment coach to come up with a whole short-read book.

Many screenshots and real-life stories are used to illustrate a comprehensive protection process in several steps that guide on what to follow when one receives friend requests online. She has also shown how to spot and report the fake profiles and fraudulent emails. She hopes that internet users will adopt the protocol she outlines and proactively utilize the steps to protect themselves and others.

“Great book, super informative and very helpful. I especially liked her step-by-step guide that suggests a necessary course of action when one has already being a victim of cyber fraud,” stated happy reader Danielle who has rated the book 5 on 5 stars.

Jo Anne is all about empowering women, enlightening writers and encouraging entrepreneurs to press forward through her Inspired 4 U Ministries.

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