Jeffrey Mohlmans Company Crush Tobacco with a Full Tank of Vape!

KETTERING, OH – 07 June, 2016 – A smashed pack of cigarettes is laying on the counter as a  customer holds a bottle of vaping liquid and an electronic vaping pen. 

An employee helps fill the tank for the first time and the customer  takes a puff. A cold mist is exhaled, paired with the scent of a Cuban cigar. This individual has just joined millions of others across the globe  in choosing to enter the world of vaping.

Such an encounter is a daily occurrence at NeXgen Vapors in  Kettering, OH. Two years ago, Jeff Mohlman (of Mohlman Financial) partnered with two other investors to realize the dream of getting into  the six billion dollar industry of vaping. They recruited Benjamin Randall, straight from college where he studied chemistry, to be their  master mixer. Over the next six months, tireless efforts were made toward finding the best ingredients for the highest-quality product. 

After testing numerous variations, recipes, and flavorings from  California to Italy, a high-quality, small-batch vaping solution called  NeXjuice was crafted. NeXjuice liquids are now offered from Ohio to  North Carolina. 

From the onset, business has boomed and customers have  consistently expressed raving satisfaction. Dedicating time and  meticulous effort has proved success for NeXgen. Constantly on the  lookout for what is new and trending in this ever-changing market,  NeXgen and its liquids continuously display their ability and willingness to stand out. Whether it be a bold tobacco or a lemon-drop  sugar cookie, NeXgen has a flavor you will love. 

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