BestEmployees: A Career Accelerator App For Busy Employees

Showcase your skills with BestEmployees.

Are you busy at your current job with no time to actively search your next job?  It’s time to put your career on fast track with the BestEmployees app.  The new app takes away the pain of searching for new jobs & missed opportunities while still keeping you in consideration for jobs you aspire for.  Let hiring managers of your next aspirational job find you easily.

BestEmployees is a platform for you to showcase your “skills”, have those skills verified by endorsements & define your preferences for the next job.  Hiring managers may discover you by “skills” they need & send you inquiry for their jobs provided they exceed your salary expectations.  With BestEmployees, you are in consideration for every open position that fits your capabilities & salary expectations. You never miss a good opportunity anymore.

BestEmployees is for employees in every role from office staff to technical to sales & marketing and for people in all experience ranges across all industries.  Its broad appeal makes it a preferred app for Hiring Managers to find the best-fit-talent for their jobs and not be limited to just the applicant pool.

BestEmployees is not your ordinary job search app – there are no job lists to browse; no job applications to fill; and no “waiting for response” anxious moments.  The BestEmployees app is a Career Accelerator that brings you opportunities you desire while you are busy with your current job.  Also, unlike other apps, BestEmployees do not do “keyword” matching & send you useless jobs.  It sends you a message only when a Hiring Manager has selected you for a specific open position & your salary needs are met.  It connects relevant Hiring Manager with you & let you two pursue the opportunity further as you desire.

BestEmployees has built-in capabilities to assess market demand for your skills, advice you on skills that are in high demand in your field, gather assessment of your soft skills and customer skills in addition to the functional skills, create impressive skills reports for you to share with current & prospective employers, seek & provide skill endorsements etc.  These capabilities are provided to help you sharpen your professional reputation and leverage this reputation for faster career growth.

BestEmployees is not for people who are desperately seeking a new job immediately.  It’s best for people who are currently employed but open to better opportunities if brought to them.

BestEmployees values your privacy.  It blocks your nosy colleagues to find you during search except to endorse your skills.   It also prevents employees of any other company you specify from finding you during search.  All skill endorsements are kept confidential and only the aggregate results are shared with you.

The Hiring managers prefer to use BestEmployees app as it gives them access to all qualified employees of the industry and not just the applicant pool for their jobs. Besides, BestEmployees is a very cost & time effective app for the Hiring Managers.

“With rapid deployment of smartphones, it’s only natural that we simplify how people are identified and jobs are filled across industries and across roles.  Traditional jobs/employees search methods are inefficient, expensive, and frustrating. We must simplify the process & make them more employee and Hiring Managers friendly,” said Niru Mehta, Partner at Innovative Apps LLC. “BestEmployees creates a win-win for both the Hiring Managers & the Employees. The Hiring Managers are able to access the best-fit from the industry and not be limited to just the applicant pool.  The Employees get invited to the best-fit of the opportunities while they are busy with their current jobs. It’s simple. It’s easy.  It’s a game changing app.”


• Easily created profiles to tell the world who you are and showcase your skills
• Friendly ways to solicit skills endorsements using WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn & Emails.
• Simple tap method to endorse skills of colleagues & people who provide you services
• Graphical reports that highlight your skills
• Quick search for Hiring Managers to find the best-fit talents
• Insights on skills-in-demand in your field
• No browsing.  No keyword match based useless messages.
• Attention to privacy & confidentiality.

Pricing & Availability:

The BestEmployees app is easy to install and available for free with in-app purchases at the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

Device Requirements:


Size: 23 MB

Requires: 4.03 and up


Size: 11 MB

Requires: iOS 7.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

About Company:

Moweb Technologies is an app development house with experience of building over 25 IOS and Android apps over the last 5 years with a staff of over 50 developers & designers.

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