Knowall Finished the First Round of 2 Million Dollars in Financing

Today, Chinese cloud computing information processing company Ring announced the completion of A round of 2 million dollars in financing. This round of financing is led by AGEDIG, followed by a part of private angel investors. The financing capital is mainly used to the construction of the consumer information summary cloud computing platform “”.  “Knowall” refers to knowing everything, and “mobi” stands for the mobile client. According to the introduction of Dr. Wu of Ring Company, after construction, the platform will provide instant business information summary of various places to mobile client users in North America. The platform can be classified as a type of vertical search engines, whose business type is a bit similar to that of, a famous commenting website. What is different is that focuses on users’ comments, while Knowall pays attention to data mining on the cloud computing platform.

According to information, the number of employees in Ring Company has reached over 50, more than 90% of which are technology research and development personnel. In general, it is relatively rare that an entrepreneurial company can reach such as scale of research and development before financing. To this, Dr. Wu explains that at present, Ring’s research and development center is set in Philippine, which greatly reduces the costs of research and development as well as employment. In science and technology enterprises, the proportion occupied by research and development labor cost is particularly high, while the social average income level in Philippine is extremely low. Therefore, the labor cost of technical personnel with the same educational level in Philippine is 40% lower than that in China.

It is considered by insiders that the year of 2014 is the starting point of the sharp outbreak of cloud computing technology. In the next five to ten years, related enterprises will enter a rapid growth period. Since early last year, financing events related to cloud computing have increased remarkably. In December 2015, the financing events in the field of cloud computing reached over 20 pieces, with the sum of each event being over ten million dollars. 

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