First Afro-American Automaker To Bring In Greenest Car in History named Boa

First African-American car maker Ulozi Motors is soon to bring in a green-energy driven luxe electric car that would be the “greenest car ever in history”. It would have CO2 scrub air filter & photosynthesis system to clean the air pollution.

Arlington, Texas – 7th June, 2016 – First African-American car maker Ulozi Motors has announced its plans to bring in the “greenest car ever in history” soon. Entitled as “Boa”, it’s going to be a green-energy driven luxe electric car, sporting the same esteemed status of top steams like Ferrari or Porsche.

Seasoned graphic designer, certified solar installer & green activist, Ali Simeto is the head designer of the car. A former fixer of the popular crime soap “The Wire”, the Ulozi CEO is on this mission to come up with a James Bond-like steam that was only possible in reel life till date.  The CEO of Ulozi Motors is further joined in his historic endeavor by Daedan Graves who has been into sales of high-profile customized automobiles for over 2 decades now. Ulozi is based in Baltimore.

“It’s my dream to be the first-ever Afro-American automaker who will bring back the great American manufacturing into the automotive scene and this time with a green angle to it. In fact, it would be ‘the greenest car’ ever,” stated Simeto, who has been into designing a green-energy, uber car prototype for years now.

Ulozi’s new-age Boa is all set to take the spirit of eco-consciousness in the automotive scene to a whole new level. It’s not just an electric car but a solar & wind-powered car as well. Backed by Clearview Power Technology, Boa will have luminescent transparent energy-generating solar collectors on the windows that will assure 90% light visibility and absorb the UV & infrared rays.

“Boa will have internal Wind turbine battery charging facility that will charge the car battery while on move on longer distances. 4 wheel drive right from Michelin Active Wheel equip the car and Ulozi has partnered with a new cutting edge battery technology. We have kept superhydrophobic never-wet waterproof coating help save water on washing,”

He also mentioned anti-wetting, anti-corrosion and anti-icing shield for the car. Boa’s interior has been done by green recycled materials.

The coolest part of this “greenest car” is its CO2 scrub air filter & photosynthesis system that will clean the air pollution wherever it goes!

“We are here to fill in the absence of a green US luxury car brand. Ford & GM don’t create EVs that can appeal to the high-end customers. With futuristic designs teamed with next-gen sustainable technology, Ulozi is looking forward to establish a much desired American car brand worldwide. Our high-profile Boa is for the tech enthusiast but green conscious affluent car connoisseurs who are always the first to inspire creativity & adopt innovative designs,” added in Simeto.

Simeto and his team will soon be launching a crowdfunding campaign for Boa that would help them to come up with the Super Car Prototype by October this year. Ulozi is looking forward to release the first Boa to the public by June 2017.

“We are also interested in the formula E racing electric race car circuit and home battery storage units,” stated Ali Simeto.

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