CA Senate Candidate Portantino’s Shady History puts Law Enforcement Officials in Jeopardy

With the California State Senate primary Election knocking at the door, leading investigative reporter Johnathon Miller exposes fraudulent activities of CA State Senate Candidate Anthony Portantino that have even put law enforcement officials in jeopardy.

CA – 7th June, 2016 – The California State Senate primary Election is just round the corner and by this time voters have already decided on who they wish to see as the upcoming Senator. But how much the candidates are actually eligible for the esteemed designation? Or more specifically, with a shady history of misdemeanor & fraud, is Anthony Portantino the right candidate for California State Senate? Leading investigative reporter Johnathon Miller has brought to light the irresponsible acts of the Senator candidate that have even put law enforcement officials in jeopardy.

2 years back Portantino, on 19th June, 2014, co-hosted a high profile fundraising event by the name “Dinner & Cigars”, violating the law. Housed at an elite restaurant of Glendale, CA, the event had esteemed attendees including city officials & law enforcement personnel from municipalities around. As one of the board members of PAGMC (Pasadena Armenian Genocide Memorial Committee), Portantino had been a very active co-host of the fundraiser event that was aimed to raise money for construction of Genocide Memorial at Pasadena in commemoration of the tragic mass execution of 1.5 mn Armenians in the hands of Ottoman Empire.

There is certainly nothing wrong with the intention of the fundraiser event and in fact, it was something noble – but it’s the means of fundraising, a raffle, which is against the law and not exactly sanctioned by DOJ (Department of Justice). Moreover, 2 years back, PAGMC was not even a 501(c) (3) registered organization nor it had a good standing. As a result, the organization wasn’t eligible to hold the raffle, that, nevertheless, it held. It was a direct violation of Section 320.5 of the Penal Code & it won’t be wrong to mark the event a legal failure partly by PAGMC’s treasurer David Gevorkyan and Portantino’s present campaign manager. In Miller’s words, the manager had even claimed back then that PAGMC was in complete compliance to law.

Miller had also brought in the statement of Section 319 here that prohibits lotteries. According to it – “Anybody who operates or prepares lottery or furnishes raffle tickets or helps in conducting such an event is always guilty of misdemeanor & of punishable public offense.” Any person violating the section could be sentenced to State prison or county jail. The Attorney General, city attorney, district attorney or a city council has this right to take criminal or administrative action for the violations of requirements for carrying a raffle. Furthermore, the DOJ might seek recovery for the entire cost sustained in prosecuting or investigating an action concerning an organization.

“This violation of law is one of the many examples of Portantino’s illegal & irresponsible conduct. With the primary election knocking at the door it’s high time that we ask ourselves whether we actually want shady people like Portantino at the Senate. It’s we who have the power to decide the future and it would be straight-out ridiculous if we turn a blind eye to misdemeanors that have come to light,” Miller added in.

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