Clover Games launches KickStarter campaign for new tabletop board game – Central City: Heroes

Independent game company Clover Games LLC launches KickStarter campaign for new tabletop board game – Central City: Heroes

Minneapolis, MN, U.S.A – June 7, 2016 – Today, Clover Games LLC has launched a KickStarter campaign for a new superhero-themed tabletop board game, Central City: Heroes. The new KickStarter page can be found here.

Each player will take on the role of a unique Superhero with their own unique super power in this comic book themed game. Players will work together to battle minions, complete missions, recruit minor heroes and unlock their upgrade cards as they learn to master their super abilities. This will all lead up to the final showdown with the dreaded Nemesis. The players must complete all five missions and defeat the Nemesis in order to win the game. The heroes will accomplish these things by moving around and exploring Central City. The board consists of 16 interchangeable location hex tiles that make up Central City. Each game the city itself will change, adding to the replay ability.

Players will begin by creating their Heroes. To do so they will get a Superhero Player Board, a Super Power Card and a Secret Identity Card. Combining the Hero Board with the Super Power Card will create the Player’s Hero Persona. With 6 Player Characters and 12 Super Power Cards, there are 72 different Hero Personas in the Central City: Heroes Core Set. The Players will also receive their own Secret Identity Card which the game will be trying to force players to reveal.

Are you ready to become a guardian of Central City?

“Comic book popularity has exploded over the past decade. Comic book characters have leapt off the page and into video games, movie theatres and more recently onto gaming tables. Although a number of big license games exist, a relatively small number of stand-alone superhero themed games have emerged. Central City: Heroes aims to give players a true superhero experience as they enter the world and meet the characters of Central City.” says Jason O’Leary, the developer of Central City: Heroes.

Central City: Heroes is a co-operative tabletop board game for 1 to 4 players, ages 13 and older and takes approximately 60 to 90 minutes to play. The Core Set includes 6 player boards with matching plastic miniatures, 16 location tiles, 104 Justice cards, 70 Hazard cards, 48 Power Upgrade cards, 38 Fate cards, 24 Gear Upgrade cards, 16 Hero cards, 16 Location cards, 12 Super Power cards, 6 Secret Identity cards, 5 Scenario cards, 20 Jumbo Mission cards, 4 Jumbo Nemesis cards, 1 Tyranny Tracker, over 100 Game Tokens and a Rules Booklet. Expected retail price is $75. The Core Set will be available to KickStarter backers for $60.

For more information you can visit the Central City: Heroes website at

About Clover Games LLC

Clover Games LLC is located in Minnesota. They are passionate about games and strive to bring the players perspective to the gaming table. Simply put, their goal is to make games they themselves would want to play. They began work on their initial launch Central City: Heroes in 2013. They launched their KickStarter campaign on June 6, 2016 for the comic-book themed board game.

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