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“Ooze both manufactures and sources a wide variety of vaping products; we continually analyze customers’ needs in order to provide a more convenient and pleasurable experience,” said Vincent Ayar, cofounder
Ooze Announces that the Discreet, Smooth Glacier Pen Joins Its Extensive Line of Vaping Products

Detroit, MI – June 7, 2016 – Ooze (www.ooze420.com) today announces that it continues to expand its offerings of the most innovative products for vaping medical marijuana on the market and has also added some clever new products for use with traditional smoking. Ooze’s newest offering, the Glacier, is a discreet vaping pen that may be easily carried anywhere and offers an unparalleled smooth, cool vaping experience. The Glacier kit includes a 650 battery, dabber, 5 ml silicone, USB charger, three glacier coils (dual quartz rods with titanium coil and a quartz bowl) and a Glacier top.

The Glacier joins the many other Ooze products that include, to name a few, the Hurricane Bubbler and the Sludge Bubbler, the Gusher Globe Kit, accessories such as batteries, silicon containers and USB chargers, and new add-on products such as the banger ashtray and grinder tray made especially for cannabis users. Not only does Ooze have ever-expanding product lines, but they also offer attractive displays to encourage point-of-sale purchases.

No need to spend a lot on bulky, time-consuming, traditional rigs that require careful heating and waiting for just the right temperature. Ooze provides easy-to-use, portable, high quality vaping products at a very reasonable price. 

Ooze manufactures and sources the most innovative products on the market for vaping cannabis in its more concentrated forms. Ooze product lines include:

• Discreet, slender vaping pens that may be slipped into a pocket
• Bubbler kits and parts (just add water!)
• Globe kits and parts
• Accessories such as batteries and silicon containers
• Miscellaneous products our customers need
• Displays that encourage buying 

Vaping enables ingesting the therapeutic ingredients of cannabis at a much lower temperature than traditional smoking. The user inhales a cool vapor instead of hot smoke, avoiding a raw throat and other harmful effects of smoking. Vaping is also inherently more discreet than smoking, as the user does not come away smelling like marijuana. Another plus: many report that half as much cannabis will provide double the effect when vaporized.

For press inquiries, please contact cofounder Vincent Ayar at vince@ooze420.com or call 1-248-207-3899.

About Ooze

Ooze manufactures and sources the most innovative products on the market for vaping cannabis in its more concentrated forms. Whether sellers need complete kits for customers who want to get started vaping, batteries, or parts and attachments for current equipment, Ooze has it all. Our vaping pen options include glass bubblers (just add water!), glass domes and slender, unobtrusive pens that may be slipped into a pocket. Ooze also provides replacement accessories and interchangeable glass for those who are already customers. 

Ooze is based in Michigan, but sells throughout the country to distributors, retailers of all sizes, medical marijuana dispensaries and consumers. Contact Ooze about their products by phone at 1-855-OOZE420 (1-855.669.3420) or email info@ooze420.com

For more information, see www.ooze420.com

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