People Struggling With Pain Relief Are Turning to a New Kind of Clinic

EUGENE, OR – 7 June, 2016 – A new kind of pain relief clinic is now open in Eugene, Oregon. Instead of pills, injections, or even massage, they use Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a solution for stopping pain.  The company is called NLP Health Solutions and they are located downtown, inside the MindWorks building at 207 E. 5th Ave, Suite 220.

The clinic is anticipating a significant amount of interest from local residents who are struggling to resolve their pain management problems.  “I’ve spoken with hundreds of Lane County residents who are frustrated with the lack of solutions available to them. They insist that what their doctor or insurance company offers just isn’t getting them the results they need,” says Zach Perlman, the local NLP pain specialist and practitioner at the clinic. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming was developed by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder, and is more typically used for helping people stop anxiety or achieve higher levels of performance at things like competitive sports. Perlman believes its applications for pain relief are profoundly helpful and highly under-utilized.

If you’d like to learn more about what they do and how they do it, visit their website at

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Media Contact
Company Name: NLP Health Solutions, LLC
Contact Person: Zachary A. Perlman
Phone: (541) 393-4436
Country: United States