Jesus does NOT return for a church

SOUTHWEST USA – 7 June, 2016 –

The Pride and Humility Project will give full assurance of:

#1 The doctrine of Original Sin/Total Depravity is FALSE. (No sin nature or enmity from birth, yet ALL sin and fall short) You will view the Life and His creation mankind in a totally different light, if you can humble yourself to see. We promise.

#2 The doctrines/interpretations of Foreknowledge, Predestination and Election are FALSE. Comically erroneous. The golden links will be refuted. (Romans 8:29-30) The truth is so simple a child could understand. We’ll show you. (Iron clad evidence of the collective spiritual blindness and deafness of the last days church)

#3 The doctrinal fusion between justification and sanctification is wicked. The N.T. verses relating to sin/repentance/judgement/works after salvation, will be given clarity, growing peace in the heart of those who by faith believe. There is simplicity, purity, easiness, a light burden, freedom, liberty and rest in Christ. Why do many churches preach death (sin) from the womb to the tomb, when the Savior is Life eternal?

#4 The doctrine of the Intermediate State is FALSE. No friendly ghost afterlife entitlement. (Soul Sleep also FALSE) Unbelievably world changing truth! His glory will be revealed! We promise.

#5 Once Saved Always Saved is the full assurance of faith. Those who deny will be judged and lose specific reward. (Eternal Salvation excluded)

#6 Every eschatological paradigm relating to the Second Coming of Christ is FALSE. No New World Order, No One World religion, No worldwide Antichrist domination, No 144,000 worldwide Jewish witnesses, No microchip/mark hysteria, No doctrine of Imminence, No spaceship/alien abduction excuses, Jesus does NOT come back for a divided church, the current Temple Mount is NOT the original Temple location etc etc. All this false prognostication and hysteria is rooted in pride and a visceral hatred for Rome. The truth has purpose, glory, specificity, and was a rock solid plan from the beginning. Too many prophecy Chiefs, not enough prophecy Indians. Who does disunity and confusion come from again?

#7 The Living God loves every human life on this planet. The institutionalized Church has failed historically in it’s call to evangelism. There is a great out pouring of the Spirit and worldwide revival coming. Get excited!

#8 Denominationalism (doctrinal division of the body) is against the John 17 priestly prayer and is thereby of the Devil. Many of these institutions have failed then to equip and disciple believers in the purpose of the church. Glorious change is coming.

#9 Men will run to and fro and knowledge will increase is NOT the computer age, and plane, train and automobile transportation. It is much bigger.

#10 The body of Christ is blissfully ignorant of what is coming, predicted 2000 years ago in scripture. Thereby God is nuking His entire body with a prophesied last days truth bomb.

#11 The institutionalized Church has failed it’s call to oneness in love, mind, and body, failing thereby in the first principles and oracles of God.

#12 The Unpardonable Sin of blasphemy will be simply and easily explained. Believers are fine.

#13 Broad road to destruction/hard to find narrow way salvation is FALSE. Salvation is simple and easy. Innumerable numbers are sealed eternally.

#14 The Roman Church is full of pride based cancer causing flesh heresy. The Protesting Church is full of pride based cancer causing flesh heresy. The Spirit and the Word are the painless cancer cure that heals.

#15 We will define clearly spiritual warfare, and how to win it. Simply.

#16 We will introduce the B.E.S.S.Y. principle. Berean Exegetical Scripture Study and to Yield to your conclusions. (stand firm against the arguments and wiles of the Devil) Understanding this principle can ignite a pastors preaching and bring fire to average Bible studies.

#17 We will introduce the Eagerly Waiting principle. This principle is life transforming. Faith, Hope and Love defined.

#18 We will introduce the Helen Keller initiative. Exposing statistically, the spiritual blindness and deafness of the average evangelical, interdenominationally worldwide. Time for us all to shut up, wise up, and rise up.

#19 We will introduce the O.W.E. paradigm. One Way Ecclesia, One Way Eschatology. (we OWE our bridegroom a unified understanding of the who, what, where, when and why of His return) Where there is envy, strife and divisions among you, are you not carnal and behaving like mere men?

#20 We believe the God of the universe is giving both mankind and the church goer two options in these last days:

    #1 Wake up and be Humble to receive His increase, or…

    #2 Double down with Pride via “wisdom” found in the traditions of men, doctrines of men, boasting of men, all of which has evolved into doctrines of demons.

P&H Project will give full assurance of all this, and much much more…

How will we achieve this?


By the Holy Spirit’s anointing, using the lamp Sola Scriptura (scripture alone), solid orthodoxy, good hermeneutics, Context, Context, Context, prayers, common sense, and last, but not least, humility.

How will we begin?


A Kickstarter launch to raise funds for “Pride and Humility Films”. (video teachings, documentaries and feature films) P&H Films will be an independent, self sustaining non 501c3 organization, producing, filming, editing and distributing the Pride and Humility concepts worldwide.

Other than Kickstarting a film group, what else will the P&H Project do?


We are writing two books and doing an 8 to 10 hr video teaching offered as “gifts” to Kickstarter participants, and available for purchase to the general public thereafter. 

We believe this information released simultaneously, is like a spiritual spark to a pool of gasoline. Potentially bringing innumerable numbers into the faith, unifying many already in faith, and humbling them to have eyes to see and ears to hear. 

We believe this information collected amongst many teachers and ministries, separating the wheat from the chaff, has become a full on fire of truth in the hands of the Refiner. We believe it is a wake up call/clarion call for everyone who humbles themselves to receive it.

Nonfiction book: 

       Pride and Humility
           perilous times
and the soon return of Life. 


Fiction book:

       Pride and Humility
 and the killing of Aliyah C.

(super natural thriller written in 2nd person POV – you the reader, are a character and a real time participant in the action.)

Video teaching:

  Pride and Humility
           and the 
  Left Behind Fools

(8 to 10 hr video teaching – apologetics/eschatology)

P&H Project will also work in conjunction with what will be called Bridewize International Inc. Bridewize will be the ministry director of the P&H Project long term (teaching, evangelism, ministry outreach). The Bridewize International mission statement can be summed up in their slogan “Increasing knowledge to a divided Church”. The slogan for the Pride and Humility Project is: “shut up” (be humble), “wise up” (Spirit/Word), and “rise up” (unity of faith).

Please pray for this important move of God. Please copy and share this with your social networking circles. The Pride and Humility Project is an organic, up from the ground movement gaining steam. Be part of it, and help this mustard seed of faith grow and move mountains. He is coming soon, let’s humble ourselves and get ready together!

Blessings and Peace to all.

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