Hiking gurus launch new website to encourage and educate hikers on the best trails and equipment

Today marks the launch of a new website HikingGurus.com a site dedicated to educating and informing the hiking community about the best trails available to walk, and the best possible equipment to choose to remain safe and comfortable. With the new season just about to begin the hiking experts behind the site wanted to expose some of the best hikes to the wider public.

Site founder Paul Join said “ I have been a passionate hiker for many years, and sometimes I have discovered breathtaking hikes by luck, or by meeting someone local who told me where to trek. I always felt it would be advantageous to have a central database of recommendations worldwide of spectacular hikes and with Hiking gurus that is our aim. However, hiking can be tiring and dangerous so we will also be reviewing the best hiking gear to give our readers the best advice and keep them safe. The first review is the Hiking Gurus Trekking Pole Reviews an often under looked piece of equipment which can really protect a hikers joints and ligaments.”

Hiking has seen a huge increase in popularity in recent years and what better way to discover the hidden gems around the world than from people who have actually completed the hikes personally. If you are contemplating taking up hiking or want to recommend a particular trek to their readers visit HikingGurus.com

The task of reviewing the thousands of trekks worldwide will take many years and will certainly be a labour of love, but the team at Hiking gurus hope to leave a legacy for all hikers for years to come.

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